20+ Sites to Find Websites & Domains (Projects) for Sale

So you want to sell or buy a website of a domain name?

This is a list of websites where you can buy or sell websites and domains. If you are looking for platforms to sell or buy Online businesses, Websites, Domain names, and/or mobile apps, You are in the right place.

This list also has website brokers who specialize in ensuring your website/project gets sold/purchased for the right price in return for a commission. They also ensure awesome desired results from the purchase/sale of your website/project/business by vetting the parties, determining market value, and ensuring secure transactions.

The Entries on this list include free and low-cost boards for buyers and sellers to find each other, perform due diligence, and complete the transaction on their own. They also include premium and broker-based services.

Borderline Biz

Borderline Biz Allows you to Buy and/or Sell Startups/Projects that are Revenue Generating or Pre-Revenue Generating.

Free Market / Websites & Domains

Free Market homepage

This one is very date but listing your project on the platform is totally free. Finding great entries on this platform is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Facebook Groups & Communities

MicroAcquire Facebook Group page

There are some great communities on Facebook and across the internet that don’t just offer a way to engage with a like-minded audience but are great avenues to find websites.

eBay / Internet Business and Websites for Sale

eBay Internet Business & Websites for Sale category

Believe it or not, eBay has a dedicated category for the sale of online businesses and Physical businesses. Making it one of the perfect places to find buyers and sellers of online businesses.

Check out its Internet Businesses and Websites for Sale category which can be found under Websites and Businesses for Sale.

Exchange Marketplace / eCommerce Websites & Businesses for Sale

Exchange Marketplace homepage

FE International / By or Sell A Business

FE International website homepage

Duuce / Newsletter Marketplace

Duuce Marketplace homepage

We manually verify, audit & filter Newsletters before listing them here. Interested in buying one? Reach out we’ll guide you through a smooth, secured purchasing process!

websites desciption

Latonas / Buy & Sell Profitable Online Businesses

Latona's website homepage

QuietLight Brokerage / SaaS, eCommerce and Online Businesses

Business Exits( formerly Digital Exits ) / ” We Sell Your Business”

Business Exits homepage

Website Properties / Online Business Broker

Website Properties website homepage

BizBroker24 / Website Broker

Trustiu / “the safest digital property marketplace”

Trustiu website homepage

Investors Club / Private Exclusive Marketplace for Online Businesses

Investor Club website homepage

Empire Flippers / Websites Brokers

Empire Flippers website homepage

Afternic / Buy. Sell. Park . Domains Names

afternic website homepage

Sav / Domain Marketplace

SAV website homepage

SEDO / Buy. Park. Sell. Domains

SEDO website homepage

Website Broker / buy and sell websites and domains names

Website Broker website homepage

Tiny Acquisitions / Where the best tiny projects are acquired

Tiny Acquisitions Homepage

New on the scene, Tiny acquisitions is the only marketplace for internet businesses that are priced under $5,000. Tiny Acquisitions allows creators to quickly liquidate that side project through its instant buy escrow service.

The website mostly lists creator-made tiny (indie, no-code) applications, side-projects, productized services or any digital asset for that matter.

  • Price: Offers Free listings and a $10 premium listing

ZeroAcquire / Buy and Sell Micro Startups & Side Projects.

ZeroAcquire is a marketplace to buy and sell micro startups, side projects and MVPs – profitable or pre-revenue. Fast + easy to use.

SideProjectors / Websites, Domains and Apps

SideProjectors homepage

This website is not just a platform to find and/or sell websites, domains, apps and projects but to also showcase your projects and find co-founders.

Submitting your project to side projectors is free.

Indie Maker / Websites, Domains and Social Media Accounts

The Indiemaker homepage

Formerly 1kProjects, Indie Maker is a marketplace that allows buyers and sellers of side projects, SaaS, domain names, and social media accounts to trade/meet.


Flippa / Websites, Online Business Domains and Apps

The Flippa Homepage
The homepage of the website

Flippa is the de facto leading platform for selling Websites, online businesses, domain names, and mobile apps. Founded in 2009, the site has over 120 thousand buyers and facilitated the sale of over 250 thousand businesses worldwide.

It has facilitated the sale of businesses both big and small, beginner and established, below and above $100,000 in annual profit. It makes finding and listing projects a breeze with its friendly interface.

Its impressive search filters allow a buyer to find a business by age, price, or category through websites, apps, domains, eCommerce businesses, digital content, marketplaces, services, Software as a Service (SaaS), and more.

Flippa does not just provide a platform to buy and sell businesses but also offers a concierge service for the first-time buyer and an in-depth due diligence service, as well as access to third-party brokers and financing services.

Pros: The platform is super simple to understand. Offers a built-in messaging system. Offers multiple points to filter thought via its search engine. Offers a built-in Escrow service and PayPal support.

Cons: Flippa Like some of the platforms listed here, has its fair share of issues such as scams, inexperienced sellers, unverified information, and too much junk to sift through.

Price: 5 to 15 per cent transaction fee, based on the sale amount. Due diligence is $1,500. See site for additional pricing.

So there you have it, A massive list of websites and marketplaces to sell your website, project, website, app, domain name, and/or app. Is there a website and/or marketplace that isn’t on our list? Feel free to leave a suggestion below or simply reach out to us using our contact form.

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