About BITVoxy LogoAbout BITVoxy… We are a Global Service Provider with A Focus on Freelance Services, Bitcoin, News/Content and Payments.

BITVoxy HQ is our corporate website in extension to being the division that provide freelances services. Other Divisions are inclusive of BITVoxy News (News/Content), BITVoxy Pay (Payments) and BITVoxy Invest(Crowdfunding).

Our Freelance brand has Agents from across the globe providing valued services as Virtual Assistants in Content Creation, Branding/Naming and Website Migration Just to name a few.

About BITVoxy Origin

BITVoxy is a rebranding of YJCIMedia, done in 2016 aimed at having a more memorable name and one which would be more fitting for a Bitcoin focus operation.

The Focus can be seen based on our logo which has a bitcoin logo within it followed by a vertically paced signal indicator.

Founded originally as LOFIO which morphed into LOFIOSPACE which further morphed into YJCIMedia by Lance Cameron back in 2011 aimed at just being a caribbean technology blog. The LOFIO – Lenmer Online Free International Organization.

BITVoxy’s Aim/Tagline

Our tagline is always a delivery of “Awesomeness!”. It is our aim to deliver Products/Services with the highest quality delivery.

About BITVoxy’s Revenue Strategy

BITVoxy receives most of its revenues from Services provided through its HQ division. Additional revenue comes from:

  • Advertising placed on Our Websites
  • Fees received through BITVoxy Invest and BITVoxy Pay.

Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or using our contact form.

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