Adobe Acquires Typekit

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At its MAX 2011 technology conference, Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) Today Announced the Acquisition of privately held Typekit Inc, The Leaders in the delivery of hosted, high quality high quality fonts for websites.
Its estimated that over 250,000 customers use typepad including large media firms like The New York Times,, Conde Nast, IGN, and many other.
Its these fonts that accurately beautify’s websites for designers and developers alike.
Both Companies Via thier blog however clarified that Typekit will continue to operate as a standalone service as part of Adobes Creative Cloud, a major new innovative from the company was announced along with Adobe Touch Apps for Android and IOS tablet devices.

Adobes Lea Hickman, Vice President, Product Management was quoted as saying “Typography is a fundamental design element and something that designers want to be more creative with on websites – especially as these websites now need to be viewed on mobile devices,” and that “Working closely with type foundries, the Typekit team has delivered an outstanding service, empowering designers to present the power of the printed word in new ways – online and on devices.”

“By joining Adobe, we are now an integral part of the worldwide leader in creative software, and as Adobe moves aggressively into cloud-based services, this will accelerate our vision of reinventing the look and feel of Web through creative and beautiful fonts,”said Jeffrey Veen, chief executive officer, Typekit.

Its clear from our understanding of this announcement that this might be beneficial to some of the major partners/customers of Typekit and Adobe but only time will tell the effects.

Feel Free to leave a comment on whether you think this will be the best choice for Typekit or other comments.

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