Jamaican GCT Calculator

The Tool below is a tax calculator which will help you to identify the GCT Price and the GCT Net Total.

Frequently Asked Questions about GCT / FAQ

What is GCT?

General Consumption Tax (GCT) is Jamaica’s consumption-based tax which is applied to goods and services throughout their production and marketing process.

How is GCT calculated?

The Jamaican GCT Calculator uses the following formula:
Tax = Original Cost times GCT Type Rate divided by 100
Example = Original Cost x GCT Type Rate/100
Example = 20 x 15/100
GCT Value = 3.00
GCT Net Total = Original cost + GCT Value = 23.00

What are the GCT Rate Types?

General Rate – 15%
Telephone Services – 25%
Tourism Services – 10%
General Old/Historical Rate – 16.5%

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