CaribWeb: CVMTV Dot Com Again?

a first impression screenshot of the new CVMTV Website
a first impression screenshot of the new CVMTV Website

It has become necessary to arrange our blog post into series to help ease. This YJBeat Series series is dedicated to website reviews and extension the websites design and functionality.

One could remember a thoughtful review of the CVMTV website we did a while back. today at present a new version of the local television stations website has made a presence since January of this year based on poor knowledge.
The Websites new design and functionality thought streamlined has a lot to say about the team which created it however the site does match in with the stations image.
Don’t take the design lightly as hard work went into the creation of this PHP + Mysql Based system based on our review of the websites mark up, on like its competitors. The Competitors website uses Microsoft‘s ASP which is roughly used on less that 15 per cent of servers when we last checked. Advice is however given that the team take security as a first matter since there could be  some loop holes in the code if one doesn’t examination the code quite well. 
Speaking on its Code, There will be a new concept call MY CVMTV, which will be upon completion a Customizable/Personalized On Demand Video Service which will feature a broader group of programmes not offered thought the Video On Demand Features which are already present on the website, which meets one of our previous recommendations.
The Website also features the popular Live Streaming Feature and a Schedule like the one from the competition – …ahem…TVJ -.  Another Feature although not much of what we would expect is a News Posting system which although facilitates Discussions via Disqus is missing a Social Sharing component.


This System has a written summary of the news and a video attached. One Would expect some social sharing in the page for these Dynamic New Posts but None Could be Found. Take a Look:
 CVM Television - OUR apologizes to Energy minister ads + NEWs feed
With Simplicity as a guide this site could be categorized as complete but we bet they know what they are doing so we won’t add any suggestion. You the readers however may have a completely different view of the website and hence should leave them in the comments.
Ohh! and One more Taking away from the Competition … ahem TVJ! . CVMTV’s Marketing Team can Now Boast a Banner Program Comparable to that of the competition where the station will earn from banners seen on the site and  credited by its Sales Team. The banners there at present have an obvious Google Adsense Source. 
CVM Television banner g program
Jamaican News and Sports - Watch Live from Jamaica - CVM Television - Live Jamaican Television
Note: Please Fix Your Streaming Services Image Size.

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