Sell Side Projects: a New Project Marketplace

Lookout Flippa, Sell Side Projects is a new Marketplace to Buy or Sell Your Website, Domain or App.

Problem: Tired of listing fees and commissions found on popular existing platforms which cut into the potential return from the sale of your project? Not to mention the traffic and revenue minimums which you have to meet in order to get listed on certain marketplaces. And even then the only alternatives to some of these platforms are Forums and/or Facebook Groups.

Solution: The website is squarely aimed at solving these issues. The platform allows entrepreneurs (Sellers) to list their websites or domain names for free.

Buyers can use the websites search engine filter to personalize the listing down to the preferred subparts.

Prospective buyers can then contact sellers through the contact form on the site or by direct message to complete the sales.

Who is behind this project? It the work of an experienced SEO professional and website developer. He has been buying domains for more than half of his life, He purchased his first domain name at the age of 13. He used to learn how to build websites and digital marketing. He is a Senior SEO Strategist at an agency in NYC and likes to build websites in my free time.

Want to learn more about the creations of this platform? checkout its blogpost, A weekend project…

Future: Dripping Media, The owner of Sell Side Projects is looking forward to adding additional features to this platform which will allow it to compete with its competitors like Flippa. Features such as the addition of mobile apps and additional verifications.

So if you looking for a Marketplace to sell your website or domain name, Sell Side Projects is the solution.

Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
Lance is the Publisher and Chief Editor at BITVoxy. He writes about business, digital culture, crypto, gaming, tech, entertainment, and more. He considers himself a Digital Explorer and News Junkie.

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