Indie Dev announces Supernatural Thrilling 1980s Adventure game – Radiolight

Czech indie developer, Kryštof Knesl has announced his first game, Radiolight.

Radiolight is a supernatural, adventure 1980s style thriller where players take on the role of Daniel COlling, an ex-police officer turned security booth officer who encounters a mysterious radio interferences echo through the forests.

The 18 years old Czech developer has publishes a few titles on and loves to create meaningful stories in video games. Radiolight is the result of 10 different prototypes and 2 years of perseverance.

Here is a description of the Radiolight via the announcement.

For Daniel Collins, an ex-police officer, it feels like another normal day on the job as a security booth officer. However, when strange radio interferences echo through the forests and a dark mystery emerges, he realizes he will have to search deep within his past to solve it and save those he loves.

Use a radio with your friend Robert on the line and your detective senses to untangle the thrilling mystery of Ashwood Creek’s forests and your own past. Help Daniel overcome his insecurities as he ventures into the fog to search for his only daughter and maybe something else as well.

Key features:

  • A gripping journey crafted by a one-man team that can be influenced by your actions
  • Explore a small town in the 1980s and experience the thrilling atmosphere
  • Communicate through a walkie-talkie
  • Piece together the mystery while you search for clues, collect and pick up objects

No word on a release date for Radiolight but the title can be added to you wishlist on steam.

Developer: Krystof Knesl
Price: Free

Official Reveal Trailer

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