Sandbox Survival Game The Front Joins Steam 2023 Autumn Sale

The Lowest price yet

Samar Studio, who are the Makers of Sandbox Survival Game, The Front have today announced that the game will be a part of the Steam 2023 Autumn Sale with an advantageous 25% discount.

The Front has been available on Steam and The Epic Store since its launch last month, early October(October 11 to be specific). It has had mostly positive reviews among the 5.1K reviews received on its Steam.

Since the launch, the game has seen several hefty updates that include new vehicles, NPCs, and skin customization features. Additionally, all servers have been upgraded to increase the player cap to 80. 

The Front is a survival open-world crafting shooter. You play the role of a resistance fighter sent back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire. Collect resources, craft tech, build shelters, and fight monsters to accomplish your mission.

The Front’s Steam description

One of the highlights of the recent updates is the Warhammer Mobile Base. This mobile base consists of a buildable area on the vehicle where players can construct the ultimate home base to take with them wherever they go. 

Another addition to the game is the Patrol Sergeant, a tamable NPC single-person flying device that unleashes intense attacks with his multi-barrel machine guns. In order to tame this new NPC, it must be hit by a jammer while airborne, then it will be ready to start the recruitment process.  Once you recruit the Patrol Sergeant, you can control his behaviour by sending him to track and attack enemy targets.

Samar Studio continues to offer regular updates for the title. Future planned updates include more vehicle gameplay and the ability to use diverse components to assemble and modify vehicles. With these future updates, players will be able to create and modify vehicles to improve power performance, adding protection via armour and increased firepower.

The Official trailer of The Front:

This discount brings to title to its lowest price of $14.99 from today (November 2st) until November the 28th.

If you would like to take advantage of this sale, simply head to Steam. To stay up to date on all future updates for The Front follow Samar Studio on Twitter, join the Discord or visit the official website.

The Front
The Front
Developer: Samar Studio
Price: $ 19.99

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