500K Units of Gray Zone Warfare Sold in Just 4 Days!

Czech independent game Studio, MADFINGER Games has announced that its action-packed PvP FPS, Grey Zone Warfare has sold over 500K units and over 250K DLC editions within 4 days.

Gray Zone Warfare is an intense tactical FPS emphasizing realism. Join a Private Military Company to explore a vast MMO open world featuring a PvEvP and PvE mode. Strategize and survive against human operators and AI enemies while uncovering the mystery of Lamang Island.

This is an incredible milestone for independent game studios like MADFINGER Games. The attributes its sales to its continued support by games, press and creators.

The milestone comes only 4 days after the game entered Early Access on Steam.

The game has received mixed reviews on Steam since its early access launch. However, server demand has increased due to high traffic.

The team plans to issue additional hotfixes and patches ahead to improve the performance of the game.

Furthermore, the game is only available in English. Adding more languages and servers will provide numerous opportunities for the game to grow.

Gray Zone Warfare
Gray Zone Warfare
Developer: MADFINGER Games, a.s.
Price: $ 34.99

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