Hidden Hunter is Live On Roblox

Dundee, Scotland-based indie development studio North Sea Games has announced the release of their first game, Hidden Hunter which is now available on Roblox.

What is Hidden Hunter?

A promotional screenshot of Hidden Hunter

Hidden Hunter is a game where you must hunt down other players while remaining undetected within the crowds of clones wandering the map. Use your skills to gain an edge over your rivals and become the greatest assassin of all.

In Hidden Hunter, players are assigned contracts to hunt down and eliminate other players. However, they must be wary, as others on the map will have been assigned to eliminate them as well.

Features of Hidden Hunter

  • Many clones of players wander the map, allowing for cunning deception.
  • Unique Map design that allows for variable strategies.
  • Engaging and tense gameplay centered around tracking targets.
  • Gorgeous Artstyle going well beyond Roblox norms. 

North Sea Games is a team of Abertay University graduates who look to bring high-quality games to the Roblox platform and to make their name synonymous with the standard of excellence in the space. 

Wanna Play Hidden Hunter? Visit the Hidden Hunter Roblox Store page to learn more.

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