Tavern Keepers Drops Official Gameplay Trailer

Australian Game Development studio, Greenheart Games has announced a new gameplay trailer for its new upcoming business simulation game, Tavern Keepers.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Greenheart Games was founded by brothers Patrick and Daniel Klug in 2012. It is now a small indie team working remotely from all over the world, gathered around the belief that games need to be more than thinly-disguised slot machines optimized solely to generate profit.

This new trailer comes 9 months after the release of its Cinematic game trailer.

Build and manage your own tavern in this charming fantasy business sim. Dive into every detail or relax and decorate to your heart’s desire. Upgrade your tavern and navigate light-hearted tales of unlikely heroes as you play the most important role of all: the Tavern Keeper!

Official game description

The new gameplay Trailer

The new trailer features the gameplay of Tavern Keeper which mostly involves Building, Hiring, Decorating and interacting with characters.

The Gameplay Trailer In question

Tavern Keep is Greenheart Games’ second foray into simulation games after their successful indie business simulation game, Game DEV Tycoon.

The Game is scheduled for a Q4 2024 release date for PC.

Make sure to add the game to your wish list on Steam.

The Cinematic Trailer

Tavern Keeper 🍻
Tavern Keeper 🍻
Developer: Greenheart Games 💚
Price: Free

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