What’s New in Vivaldi 5.0 Desktop and Mobile?

Vivaldi Kickups the Personalization options with Shareable Themes, Translate Panel with automatic translations and double-decker browser tabs on Android

The Vivaldi Web Browser has kicked up the slew of features across both its Desktop and Mobile Web browsers and the heels of its 4.3 Version update.

In its final update of the year, it has improved and added features that will continue to make Vivaldi an innovative browser that gives its user the possibility to customize to their own personal liking.

Two-Level Tab Stacks arrives on Android Phones and Tablets

Stacked Tabs on The Vivaldi Mobile App

This new edition of the Vivaldi Android app introduces Two-Level Stack Tabs to your mobile web browser. The same feature was launched earlier on the desktop browser and allows a unique double-decked experience for managing tabs.

This is unique to the Vivaldi Web Browser, the only web browser which allows you to stay organized and keep your screen tidy by stacking Tabs inside a group that will show in a second row while staying hidden when you don’t need them.

The tabs are even more flexible and give you two new options in how you can view your tabs. By removing the close button on all but the active tab, each tab can become as small as the favicon.

The width of a tab is now calculated dynamically. Depending on the display density and the available tab bar space, tabs will either be expanded or shrunk

Learn More about Mobile Stacked tabs Here.

Vivaldi On Tablets and Chromebooks

Vivaldi’s new Optimized Tablet UI

Vivaldi is giving the web browsing experience on tablets the same experience you might find on the desktop. This update brings a “brand-new, super flexible design – including a side Panel” which aims to provide optimized screen space on tablets and Chromebooks.

New Panel UI on Tablets and Mobile

Mobile and Tablet now has the same browsing panel which can be found n the desktop version of Vivaldi. This allows the display of History, Downloads, Bookmarks, and Notes on split-screen with your main window.

Toggle Dark Mode for specific pages: Dark mode fans can now enable/disable dark themes for any webpage from the Settings that will show a ‘Dark theme’ menu. Go to Settings-Theme-Dark mode for Web Pages.

Shareable Vivaldi Themes

On the Desktop version of Vivaldi, sticking with its aim for more user customizability comes its new Shareable Themes.

The browser now has a more adaptive and flexible way to customize the look of your Vivaldi web browser with themes. You create themes from scratch and tweak the default option that comes with the browser easily. You can in fact even schedule a design change throughout the day.

To make it even easier to share and find new themes, Themes are now sharable via the new import and export options. You can import and export Themes from and to your friends and more, with the help of two new buttons – “Open theme” and “Export Theme” – at the bottom of the Theme Editor.

The customizability now allows for a new playground of customizability. You no longer have to edit your theme and background image separately. The updated Themes editor now includes the background image per the theme.

Now you have greater control over how you visualize and create your Themes. With multiple settings dedicated to every theme, it is possible to fine-tune adjustments on each one of them. We’ve also worked in rounded corners, tab bar transparency, and more. 

To enable a Theme in your Settings, just click it to apply it to your browser instantly. Using the ‘minus’ button, you can delete Themes as you need. Just a note, you can only delete Themes that you’ve made or installed, not the ones that come with Vivaldi by default. Previews are also more accurate now, showing proper corner rounding and colors that match the theme to the hilt.

On, you can browse a collection of themes made by Vivaldi and your fellow users. Install as many themes as you want just by clicking “Install theme” to add a theme to the library in your browser settings. Prefer not to install Themes from the web? A zip between friends works too. From Settings, the “Open Themes” button lets you open zipped themes from your local machine. 

New Translate Panel

The New Vivaldi Translate Panel

A vast improvement for its recently introduced privacy-focused language-translation tool, Vivaldi Translate powered by Lingvanex now has its very own Panel which will automatically and instantly translate snippets of text selected on a page while the panel is open instead of the previous popup/dialog method.

This is a logical way to translate text given the flexibility a Panel offers. The panel also has a history of all recent translations done by Vivaldi Translate. Most crucial is the fact that his history and everything is done with Vivaldi Translate is kept away from the prying eyes of big corporations.

The Download Pop-out

Vivaldi has addressed a personal concern of mine and others who don’t quite love having to use the panel to see the progress of downloads. They have introduced a new option, You can now keep an on on your downloads via a new pop-out with all the views you can find in the Download panel

The New Vivaldi Pop-out

You can check out the Vivaldi 5.0 Android changelogs and Vivaldi 5.0 Desktop changelogs for other features and bugs released in this new update.

Kudos! to the Vivaldi software team for continuing to do their job in wowing web surfers globally with impressive new browser customizability options. It should be interesting to see what features the add and improve upon next.

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