Crypto Services Focused $JBC Token Sale Goes Live

Australian-based Jungle Book Crypto (JBC) is having its Token sale for the public with its launch in the PinkSale protocol.

JBC is a blockchain and crypto-based entity which intends to use the $JBC tokens as a springboard to power its JBC hub, which encompasses Decentralized Exchange, Hybrid exchange, NFT Marketplace, Multicurrency Wallet, and Basecamp.

JBC promises to be a ” blockchain project that aims to deliver an assorted range of decentralization perks with a unique blend of cryptocurrencies”.

As it looks to develop a range of products to benefit the entire crypto community with its first product being its JBC Hub, a mobile application for Android and iOS users.

The Token is a BEP-20 token using the Binance Smart Chain network and hence tokens can be purchased with the use of BNB via its PinkSale Protocol page.

The JBC Hub mobile app and PinkSale platforms facilitate participants to send, receive, and store JBC tokens securely without any complications. They can also add and withdraw assets swiftly. The multicurrency wallet will allow staking and swapping of JBC tokens plus many other perks. JBC’s decentralized exchange protocol bestows users in its ecosystem with a seamless and hassle-free crypto trading experience.

It will operate with the objective of offering the custody of funds to each individual in the platform, meaning the users will have complete control of their assets. On the other flip, their NFT marketplace will be a boon for the creators/artists on the planet. This feature-loaded platform enables the creators to tokenize their masterpieces into NFTs, where it can be of any form, including arts, music, videos, in-game collectibles, etc.

The splendid user interface, effortless operations, and governance attributes are the added perks of the platform. Basecamp is yet another sphere of the ecosystem, which allows anyone to advertise their own tokens or projects to build their brand/community. Referral, Chart & Tolls, and Basecamp Application are the privileged programs available in the Basecamp.

The interesting part is that $JBC is the only token that accelerates all the products. Thus procuring $JBC tokens will bestow a magnificent value to the holders and power the ecosystem significantly. Jbc has already formed various partnerships already and they also will be listed in one of the CEX exchanges plus many more to come. JBC token is also accepted as a form of payment in a few businesses they already partnered with, and they are planning to revolutionize the crypto sphere by offering blockchain technologies for various businesses. $JBC also offers a great referral program within the JBC Hub V2 that will incentivize users to use the platform. Stay tuned for more and exciting news coming out of the JBC team.

Developer: Jungle Book Crypto
Price: Free
‎Jbc Hub
‎Jbc Hub
Developer: Jbc Hub
Price: Free

My Impression: This project’s website feels off but this seems to be a fundraising operation aimed at creating a blockchain and crypto startup which could be a promising investment. The whole synopsis of the crowd sale is also presented in a bit of a confusing manner.

The website also lists an Australian-based company, Revup Crew Pty Ltd as the company behind the token, This presents a bit of transparency.

Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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