What’s New in Vivaldi 4.3?

The update adds web app support, a bottom tab stack, and a lot more

The Vivaldi Web Browser, the most personalizable web browser on the web has a new update, Vivaldi 4.3 for both Desktop and Mobile Web browsers.

The most interesting updated is the removal of Google’s Idle API which has been a noted privacy concern for web users. This API can be abused to track your web browsing behavior.

The Browser will now deny any access to the API but if you are using the Google Chrome web browser, this feature will still be active.

Second most Importantly, Vivaldi now has Supported for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) just as Google Chrome and Edge. This means pages can now be run as a PWA via the new “Install [website]” option on the right-click (context) tab menu.

Vivaldi has revamped its Screen capturing tool which now has the option to resize your screenshots. You generally access this feature from the browser’s status bar via a camera icon or simply activate it via a keyboard shortcut, quick commands, or mouse gesture.

Vivaldi Translate now supports 108 languages which allow users to translate web pages and selected text, safely and securely. Vivaldi Translate is Vivaldi’s alternative to Google Translate powered by Lingvanex, a translation engine hosted on Vivaldi servers in Iceland.

The Syncing options within the web browser have been revamped to have a more polished appearance and improved account setup and recovery.

Vivaldi users simply have to go to the Sync setting option on the settings page in order to download an encryption key. For even more security, Users will now need to generate an encryption key

This encryption key will help you to recover your browser data should you ever forget the encryption password.

Download maniac? The Download panel has been given a facelift, It will now provide an informational graph of your download speed over time, along with new buttons to restart or find downloads on your system.

Among other Updates, Vivaldi Mail and Calender also saw a ton of bug fixes and a change in the way OAuth Logins are done. Gmail users of Vivaldi Mail will no longer be logged into all Google services, such as YouTube once they have accessed the mail client.

You can also now add attachments by dragging them into the Vivaldi Mail window.

Vivaldi continues to make its web browsers a more customizable and privacy-focused web browser. It would be interesting to see where future feature updates lead, especially for its Mail and Calendar features which are still in Beta and need much more improvements.

What are your these updates to the Vivaldi Web browser? Share your thoughts below in our comments section.

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