Terror At Oakheart Demo Now Out

Developer Tainted Pact and publisher Assemble Entertainment were excited to announce its horror adventure game, Terror at Oakheart via Gamescom 2023.

A demo is now available on Steam to prime players for the upcoming release.

Terror At Oakheart has players venturing through a number of set pieces in the town of Oakheart, including the nearby police station, a ranger station, camp areas, and Teddy’s own home. The more players explore, the more they’ll discover that there may just be more to the town of Oakheart than they thought. 


  • Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid: Explore the town of Oakheart where each location will bring players closer to uncovering the mysteries hidden there. 
  • We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes: Investigate and unmask details about Teddy, a psychotic serial murderer under the sway of a Lovecraftian beast.
  • They’re Coming to Get You, Barbara: Play as a cast of unique characters and watch as each one survives or falls at the hands of Teddy the killer.

Demo Trailer

Terror At Oakheart
Terror At Oakheart
Developer: Tainted Pact
Price: $ 7.99

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