Politically Inspired Super Bernie World Debuts On Steam

Ever wanted to experience being Bernie Sanders as A Playable character within a game where you take on other Presidential Candidates? Kitsune Games(Publishers) and Gamedevs for Bernie (Developers) presents just that in Super Bernie World.

What the heck is Super Bernie World? The game is a retro 2D platformer akin to a mashup of the real world presidential campaign and Mario World.

Take on MAGAmbas, Mitch Troopas, ICE Bullets and Tiki Torchers with the power of positive change. Campaign through 12 states and go up against two notable senators, a congressman and the president of the United States himself. With power-ups like Vermont cheddar cheese to embiggen him, red roses for tossing and the symbolic “Not Me, Us” raised fist firing him up with invincibility, Bernie will help achieve the dreams of millions of 8-bit Americans.

The game features:

  • 4 worlds containing 12 levels total
  • 3 power-ups
  • 8 classic enemies
  • Playable on gamepad or keyboard

“We wanted to do our part and educate people about what a Bernie Sanders presidency could do for our nation, and as game developers, this seemed the natural way for us to do it,” said Emma Maassen, President of Kitsune Games, “We feel his policies are the best way forward for not just us, but our communities including LGBTQ+ and other marginalized groups. Accessible health care, living wages, less student debt and fighting climate change are critical to increased quality of life for us all.”

To learn more about Bernie Sanders’ platform, please visit the campaign website, follow Bernie Sanders on TwitterFacebook and Instagram, or check out #NotMeUs on social media platforms. For more information on Super Bernie World, follow Kitsune Games on Twitter.

You can play the game in your browser over at (link below). You can also download the game for free via both the Steam and platforms(Windows).

Super Bernie World
Super Bernie World
Developer: Gamedevs for Bernie
Price: Free

No Doubt there is some similar creation out there in the wild title “Super Trump World” or the liking…

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