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Investing in real estate, like any other investment is a very time-consuming and overburdening, even in a world where we are seeing the value of real estate and have even bought into the recent offerings of Sagicor Real Estate X Funds here in Jamaica which saw huge interest from investors who oversubscribed. The fund has even requested to have a Jamaica Stock exchange listing, a fair delivery of the Value that is now being placed on structured/collective real estate investments.

The real estate market local and international has a high potential of growth while enduring massive troubling times faced with a global economic downturn from 2008 to now. We are even now seeing investors taking a high interest in real estate equity and assets as the value becomes more seen hence it was no surprise when Wongsang Worldwide LLC launched, a real estate investment website on Tuesday, November 12, 2013.

kickjamaicalogowhiteHaving added myself to the mailing list,on alert of its launch, I was surprise to find this message in my inbox which gave me (quite)the laugh.

site_annoucement_copySo, What is Kick Jamaica All About?

a visit to the sites homepage produces the following.

As defined from what is found on the website ,

“KJ is a real estate investment platform that uses technology to make private real estate investing simple for each investor to select and make direct investments in pre-vetted institutional quality real estate assets on our website”, – not a direct quote since we had to decipher bad grammar from the footer.

The website also clearly informs us on the clear comparison of real estate value to that of the next gold rush of California, a clear sign again that investing in Real estate is a big thing and Kick Jamaica takes its selections, process and ability very seriously.

So Kick Jamaica promises to make your real endeavors to make your real estate investing an ease by:

  1. creating a revolutionary platform that does the entire system online
  2. makes the legal process more simpler
  3. listings are well research by the Kick Jamaica Staff
  4. giving an easier way to track your portfolio

Wongsang WordWide LLC is clearly global enough since it has three office, one in New York(USA), another in Port Royal(Jamaica) and the other in Johannesburg (south Africa). They have an experienced team of staff as seen below:


In the next couple of years there is no doubt that the projected high returns on real estate type investments like the ones listed on will be common.

If your interested in Investing in real estate then you should surely head over to:

what are your views about kick Jamaica? will it work? is it for you?

leave the answer to those questions or your suggestions, feedback and more in our comments  section below.

PS. my opinion on this websites design is that the design is a bit off, should have used CSS to make the display of certain page elements instead of using  images which cannot be downloaded in a good format (maybe for a good reason but none the less a bad result).
Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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