LIME CEO Talks 4G and More

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LIME is taking the step of expanding its 4G from just Select area, based on discussions gathered during its LIVE Stream “Lets Talks 4G Expansion” discussions with LIME CEO, Garry Sinclair and LIMEs Head of Corporate Communications, Elon Parkinson.
Mr Sinclair field questions from Social Sites Twitter, Facebook and the Livestream chat in LIMEs Strategic rollout of 4G, number portability among other questions.

The LIME CEO during his discussions pointed to a rollout of New Cells and improvement of infrastructure to ease the rollout of 4G.

Other Matters Which Arose Include:

  •  the Affordability of the 4G plans being considered, Mr Sinclair stated that Consumers will be amazed at the affordability of both handsets and plans.
  • LIME intends to expand its Fiber to Home and Address the Speed of Internet by improving its infrastructure.
  • Mr Sinclair also pointed to many Affordable 4G Enabled Devices which will be introduced to make the availability of its already Affordable Mobile internet Service reach more users.
  • and more, check out video

Taking Discussions into account from this Live Session with the CEO provides a promising outlook as to the future of LIME in Jamaica which has suffered from recent destruction/theft of its infrastructure and a Dominance of its Competitor who has hit them on … All Fronts  Real Hard.

Let us just wish them the best on a smooth implementation of 4G and Hope they can make a revival from the dismal state of affairs that is LIME.

Feel free to watch the videos from the Livestream for more direct answers to some of the questions.
Here is a link to the Video, to save time of any lengthy reading:

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Source: Let Talk 4G Expansion Livestream on March 28, 2014

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Lance Cameron
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