MADworld defends artists entering the multiverse

MADworld, The Multiverse Artist Defender has announced that it has launched operations with the backing of Animoca Brands, who is a significant shareholder of the company.

MADworld closely supports artists and creators who aim to enter the complex world of digital creation, verification, and distribution. MadWorld reinvents the way creators develop, digitize and distribute all forms of creative expressions.

MadWorld helps to Support artists and creators who wish to use non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to effectively promote and monetize their work. It allows these creators to generate NFTS that fuse physical and fuse physical and digital elements, generate NFTs from the live or original visual and audio content, and distribute the NFTs through the MadWorld platform under the artists’ own terms. 

The company already supports renowned artists such as Marvel and DC veteran comic illustrators Pat Lee and Dan Fraga to provide exposure to blockchain and crypto industry investors.

Jungle - LImited Edition Rose Gold by Winson Ma
Jungle – LImited Edition Rose Gold by Winson Ma

NFTs have seen an explosive market demand this year, the trading volume for NFTs in the third quarter 2021 reached a whopping US$10.67 Billion. This growth is bolstered by the growing list of brands and creators who are seeking the opportunity to use NFTs to increase exposure.

MADworld will launch its very own NFT Origination Platform in Q4 2021, This platform will creators and artists the ability to mint (generate) NFTs from their Original content. The platform will also allow artists to fuse their physical art and collectibles with NFTs through the integration of near-field communication (NFC) technology.

“At MADworld’s core are creators and art appreciators. We understand that value for creativity is often misplaced and artists are poorly compensated – we want to correct that,”

“The MADworld NFT Origination Platform will sit at the intersection of creative expression, transaction, and distribution throughout the multiverse, ensuring value is directed to the creators.”


Animoca Brands, A leader in Blockchain Games and NFT products and valued to exceed US$1 Billion has taken a significant equity share and its obvious why. Aniimoca’s broad portfolio of games and metaverses is complimentary to MADworlds potential.

MADworld and Animoca Brands will work together to support, develop, and operate all of the digital platforms of MADworld, including the Multiverse Artist Defender NFT Marketplace and the NFT Origination Platform. 

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