Animoca Brands Contributes to the Open Campus Protocol

Animoca Brands has announced that it has committed to contributing towards the Global Educators Fund.

The Global Educators Funds is a fund set up by Open Campus Protocol (“Open Campus”) to supplement standard education curricula through Web3 technologies and communities. 

The Open Campus protocol is a community-led protocol for educators, content creators, parents, and students.

Its partners include Animoca Brands,  TinyTapGEMS EducationLiberty City VenturesDalton Learning Lab, and others. 

While many edtech approaches focus on basic digitalization applications, which gained in popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic, the edtech industry is typically confined to serving established national curricula. Open Campus enables communities to create, own, and promote content they want to see available and allows educators to earn revenue and gain recognition for their work.

The Fund incentivizes qualified teachers or persons with relevant subject matter knowledge to create educational courses, including interactive games, slideshows, videos, and other forms of content. Successful applicants can receive the equivalent of up to US$100,000 in EDU tokens (the native governance and utility token of Open Campus) to fund the development of their courses. Courses can then be published on Open Campus launch partners, such as TinyTap, and tokenized and sold as Publisher NFTs, allowing teachers to truly own their content and earn revenue. More information is available at

Yogev Shelly, the CEO of TinyTap and a member of the EDU Foundation Council, commented: “We want to touch upon core values for education and reach underserved communities around the world. Open Campus exists to support knowledge seekers and providers in an interdependent ecosystem. The Open Campus Global Educators Fund will allow teachers to claim upfront funding for the development of material that will have a real impact on the world.”

It puts decisions about learning back into the hands of educators and their students by fostering a collaborative environment, enabling teachers to create materials that appeal to the exact needs of students. Additionally, Open Campus recognizes the achievements of teachers and content creators who help students seek new knowledge, opening new revenue streams for effective educators worldwide.

Sato Kamoto
Sato Kamoto
Blockchain and Crypto editor

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