Introducing Yahja Beat!

Introducing YJBeat

YJBeats is a much improved and Rebranded Yahja Blog which is dedicated to Caribbean News, Tech, Entertainment and Design.

Yahja Blog has spent the Year 2011 covering various Articles spanning that of Technology, Entertainment, Politics and News on the Caribbean. It is therefore with this experience that we thought it would be best to re-brand so as not to create a confusion with other Meanings to be added to the Brand/Term Yahja.

We will also have a strong connection with GeekWindow which will now be syndicated on our blog as our international tech source back by posting from our staff. There is No clear indication as to how long we will be on the Blogger Platform but all roads Tell that it might not be long before we have a move to another blogging platform which will provide a more stable coverage of stories and Other Suprises too.

In the week we will be doing live tweeting of the Jamaican Election Day Results and coverage with concerns to the results. Results will be sent via Twitter And Our Facebook Page.

Our Social Media Connections:
Twitter: YahjaWeb!

Feel Free To leave your comments on our Re-branding Below and stick around for quality post meeting standards of Important News.

Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
Lance is the Publisher and Chief Editor at BITVoxy. He writes about business, digital culture, crypto, gaming, tech, entertainment, and more. He considers himself a Digital Explorer and News Junkie.

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