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As Part of the On going Political Campaign ahead for the General Elections that we are covering on a Technological and News end here are a few helpful online Apps that can help you with gathering and Making sense with the Election results come December 28, 2011.

On The Ground News Report Election App

OG.NR Election Map 2011-nohideOG.NR Election Map 2011

OGNR is Jamaica’s and Maybe the Caribbean best Citizen Journalism organization and they have done their best in providing a space where you can get the best graph of the elections results that might in this time not be seen by any other app.

It Uses a Google Map which has each and every constituency which when clicked on reveals all the candidates and its slated on election night it will be colour coded with the winners giving a full view of who won were in a more Graphical way.

Kudos To OGNR For making this App Possible and we are also looking to use it on Election night.

Here is a video that explains it a bit more:

CVMTV Election Centre

Another Great Place to watch the Election results is the CVMTV Elections Centre at which has a list of almost all candidates and has a map of Jamaican constituencies which should be active on Election Night One Results are in.

Sure Twitter will be among your choice of following the updates but make sure to be on these apps to get a full graphical view of who wins which Constituents and by what margins.

A Bonus: You Can Use Right Now and In the Future: Owensoft’s Election Manifesto Word Search

Jamaica Elections 2011 - Manifesto Word Search

This web app provides a Broad Search Election 2011 Manifesto of JLP, PNP, JAM, NDM and The MGPPP. Its a good app at finding the Psychology of writers/framers of the manifests for which the might emphasize on using Repetition of certain words too often in the manifestos. One Word That is popular is the Word “Jamaica” which is referred to 576 times in all the manifestos.

We will Be covering the election Results as part of our election efforts via Twitter so please add us on twitter at

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