Desertopia Reveals Sequel – Forestopia

The makers of Desertopia, Gravity Game Arise Co., LTD have announced the sequel to the island Simulator.

Titled Forestopia, The successor to Desertopia takes players to a brand new island where you can cultivate a wide variety of flora and fauna.

A description of the game from the announcement:

In Forestopia, players are transported to a charming island that is uninhabited, save for a Yeti, a robot, and an interesting lab. Players can plant and cultivate seeds to decorate their island, research and create their favorite animals in the mysterious lab, forming incredibly cute terrariums, and eventually release the animals to live on the island in harmony.

As players progress through the game’s main quests, they’ll also uncover why the Yeti inhabited the island and what research was being conducted in the lab. In addition, players can expand their island as they gather more and more resources, shaping it into the relaxing island paradise of their choosing.

Forestopia was nominated at numerous game shows including Tokyo Game Show, Kyoto BitSummit, IMGA Global, and featured on the App Store’s Earth Day event for 3 consecutive years, Desertopia took players on a relaxing (and quite frankly adorable) journey. Forestopia aims to follow the success of Desertopia’s 1.9M downloads by introducing a new environment as well as an updated UI/UX and other system improvements.


  • Transform an uninhabited island into an adorable and relaxing paradise
  • Plant seeds to grow flowers to decorate your island.
  • Research and create your favorite animals in the mysterious lab, creating cute terrariums.
  • Release your animals onto the island to live together.
  • Gather resources and expand your island.
  • Play through the game’s quests to find out why the Yeti is on the island and what research was being conducted in the lab.

Desertopia fans can now pre-register for Forestopia on the App Store and Google Play Store. Players that pre-register will receive the “Shibainu” commemorative login bonus upon the game’s launch. For more information on Forestopia visit the official site here

The Official Forestopia Trailer

Price: Free
Price: Free+
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