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a transportation simulation tycoon game

If your looking for a PC game the likes of Transport Tycoon then you are in luck as Ambiera has launched their new transportation simulation tycoon game today on Steam.

The Austrian independent software and game development company released the game on Steam for $9.99 with a 15% discount during the first week of the games release.

Cargo Company gives players the opportunity to run a transportation company which transports passengers and cargo. Passengers and Cargo can be transported using either trains, truck, busses, and even rockets between planets(which is a pretty smart/cool feature which differentiates the game from others).

Cargo Company
Cargo Company
Developer: Ambiera
Price: $ 9.99
  • Cargo Company Screenshot
  • Cargo Company Screenshot
  • Cargo Company Screenshot
  • Cargo Company Screenshot
  • Cargo Company Screenshot

Cargo Company Features:

  • Build bridges, rail ways, streets, train stations and launch platforms
  • Transport wares and passengers using trains, trucks, busses and even rockets
  • Make money and grow your company
  • Production chains include steel, wood, oil, goods, cars, tanks, and more
  • Towns grow to large cities with the right incentives
  • Help humanity grow and expand into space
  • Transport goods between planets
  • Run your transportation routes on multiple planets at the same time
  • Switch between earth, mars, moon and others at any time
  • Grow your transport company and become an interplanetary tycoon

Unique features in comparison to other similar games:

  • Play on multiple planets at the same time
  • Transfer cargo and passengers between planets
  • Line based vehicle management
  • Research
  • Interim storage facilities (like transport cargo to a storage facility using trains, where rockets can pick it up later and move it to Mars)
  • Start year is 2030
  • Actual traffic on the streets
  • Drive forward planet colonization to more planets
  • Possibility to subsidize industries
  • Modern UI

Ambiera has created PC games since 1996, like the back then popular RPG “Darkness Springs” and the recently released “Business Magnate” business simulation game. It is also known for its game development tech like the CopperCube game engine and the irrKlang audio library, used in many games by other developers.

Is it available for consoles? At the time of writing this story, the Cargo Company is only Available for PCs.

What are your thoughts on this game? Leave your comments below.

Platforms: PC
Release date: September 2nd, 2021
Steam Page:
Official Website:

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