Black Bird Now Out on PS4, and PS5

Game developers Onion Games is releasing Blackbird, an operatic side-scrolling shooter game previously first launched for Steam and Nintendo Switch three years ago.

Blackbird is an enjoyable dark and strange horizontal shoot ’em up which draws from genre classics such as Metal Slug but reveals more mysteries within its story as you continue to play the title.

Black Bird is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 for the first time. It is 30 percent off for PlayStation Plus subscribers until December 30.

The game is also available on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Black Bird is now available for PS4/PS5 for $18.99 / €15.99, with a 30% launch discount.

A bird of happiness, or fowl fortune?

Become the Black Bird in this dark-fantasy shooting game with an operatic twist! This is the tale of a young girl who dies a pitiful death but is reborn as the calamitous Black Bird whose destiny is to destroy the kingdom.

Check out The Trailer

Developer: Onion Games
Price: $ 18.99

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