Atlas Carries SMITE Universe in Reveal Trailer

Greek God Atlas becomes A Playable Character

The Greek God, Atlas heading to the SMITE Universe this December according to Hirez Studios.

The Titan AtlasSMITE’s upcoming Guardian, was sentenced by Zeus to haul the heaviest burden there is the universe itself, contained in an Astrolabe. In-game, he uses it as a mighty weapon.

As Atlas, players can wield the Astrolabe to release cosmic shockwaves, stun enemies, and briefly trap them inside before relocating them. Atlas can also alleviate allies of their own burdens – and place them on enemies instead.

All the details of the arrival of Atlas to the SMITE Universe will be available on the SMITE website, following the Update Show happening on the SMITE Twitch channel on November 24 at 3 pm EDT.

The SMITE World Championship, the pinnacle of SMITE esports action, will be held from January 7-9, 2022. Plus on January 6, the Hi-Rez Showcase will feature the biggest announcements and celebrations around SMITE and the other Hi-Rez games.

The game is available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and Epic Games.

Developer: Titan Forge Games
Price: Free

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