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duncebat promoThe Term DunceBat is used locally to mean something bad But there might just be Something Interesting to the name with The Dunce Bat App. The App gives  you a way to learn about Jamaica in a fun way. Todays use of Innovations for education is in high demand and what greater way to learn than through devices we already have in abundance. It is with that said that the creators of the DunceBat App have created a awarding experience.

Here is The Trailer

So the DunceBat Game is played by answering puzzles in the hopes  of  collecting 10 points each time you get the question right and 10 points when you are wrong. At the end of each round we educate you about ‘Facts about Jamaica’.

Additional when you achieve pre-set goals e.g. High Score you win a coupon to shop on to buy DunceBat merchandise and other products developed in Jamaica.


DunceBat is 100% addictive, Developers recommend laughing while learning about Jamaica.

The App is available for Android and BlackBerry Devices while there is the continued work on the IOS  Versions to be around soon.

We will be sure to keep a  close eye out for the IOS release and Apps from the developers, Software Architects Jamaica.

Visit DunceBat Today@

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BlackBerry World


What Do You think of The Dunce Bat App? Feel Free to use this unique opportunity of leaving your views below.

Source: Our Discovery Via Twitter

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