Ahref’s Makes a URL Change

Singapore-based SEO Tools, Ahref’s has alerted customers and platform users that its website will be reorganizing its web address come Wednesday, 15th of September.

The email sent to Ahref’s users

Currently, Ahref’s serves all its tools from within the main domain at Going forward, however, all of the tools and app login will be moved to

Users of Ahref’s however have no need to worry, there are no other additional changes to the platform.

Links that you have bookmarked/accessed in the past will simply redirect to the new web address. Projects tracked keywords, and all other account data will also remain the same.

Users will also have to log out and log in again. Platform users are also asked to reach out to support if they face any issues.

Is this a hint that Ahref’s search engine may be around the corner or under development? we are free to speculate, but it could also be the case of a simple website reorganization logic. we suspect nonetheless given this could be a very valid hint.

Ahref’s CEO, Dimitri Gerasimenko had announced plans for Ahref’s search engine which prioritized supporting content creators and privacy. This new search engine would reward content creators directly from the search revenue with a favorable 90/20 split for publishers.

This is a pretty big vision coming from an SEO tool that works with search engines like Bing and Google. Just months ago Brave, a privacy-focused web browser, also launched its non-tracking-based search dedicated to privacy.

What are your thoughts about this latest development? Share them below in the comments.

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