Welcome To The Future : iVutv is Here!

“Welcome To The Future” campaign has been going round for weeks now and we can now finally say iVutv is here. Here Is The Intro Video:

Based on our own assessment:

What Is iVutv?

iVu is a Jamaican-based online TV network. We Commercial-supported video content from Jamaican/Caribbean networks and independent producers streaming TV shows, movies & webisodes to PCs. iVu is owned by eMedia Interactive, Jamaica’s first new media company. We also publish eZines (digital magazines). 

In Our View a great step towards the future for the Caribbean , One that will give Caribbean content producers a easy way to present, distribute, promote & make money from their content with ease for consumers & producers.Programs will also be created from iVutv’s, iVu Studios.

 Programs currently available?

  1. Your Style TV
  2. Your Money TV
  4. The Owen James Report
  5. On a Personal Note
  6. Magnum Kings and Queens
  7. I’m Santana
  8. Caribbean Passport
  9. Jamaica Magazine
  10. Jamaica Beat
  11. Large Up TV
  12. The Contender
  13. Island Style
  14. Ocean Style TV
  15. Mission Catwalk
  16. College Lifestyle
  17. Red, Amber Green
  18.  The Best of Hype
  19. VTX
  20. Talk Nuh
  21. Hype 411
  22. Hype Avenue
  23. The  Vibe

Public Opinion

Users have given their reviews thus far via social media, that  is to say:
Some Opinions:
CONGRATS, we love it already! RT: Really feel accomplished about launching  ! !”Seriously excited about tom,  goes live!!!!! That ish cray…online caribbean entertainment will never be the same

Our Opinion

iVutv proud itself in being acceptable of all comments from the public[good or bad]hence our very critical opinion. Users are free to give their feedback on the Service via their website
In our opinion the iVutv website is well-designed. Upon registering for the website The user is, met with quick signup without any hassle… straight to the point,  “Welcome Vishtany”[which means they use your email to give your name].
The programs which I first watch were great but there is some visual issues that might not be the case for everyone.


Critically missing is the Empty Privacy Policy [Policy] & Usage Policy which is vital online for any legal matters concerning users’ data and concerning advertising which is the site’s main revenue until its second-year kicks in.
Where is The Company Blog for iVutv? Ok, so the company site does not have a blog to save our critical judgment on this point but be sure to take this up when building the website …. remember to add a blog. The site also provides great documentation work via FAQs & other pages.
In all great response to The Caribbean Online Tv Network idea is needed. Our hope is that the improvements & additions to come soon & in the second year[future] will go ahead fine, with all that said we Give them The Best of Wishes.
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Lance Cameron,

Source: e-Media Interactive
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