Web3 social intelligence Inspect Shutters

Web3 Social Intelligence platform, NFT Inspect has announced its plan to shutter its service this Tuesday. January 17.

The platform made the announcement via its Twitter profile, @NFTInspect.

The team points out that they tried to really hard examine ways to either rework and/or improve its platform, however in the end it took the best step of closing its platform.

The team behind the project used the tweet to highlight the support they have received from their community of users, thanking supporters for their encouragement and feedback over the years.

What is NFT Inspect?

Founded in December 2021 by Optick Labs Inc (@iamnafets & @OaklynKing), Inpect is a website and chrome Extension which uses AI to automatically detect NFTs and their communities on Twitter and give you additional information and functionality.

The tool uses twitter as a way to gage the social interactions involving the web3 world, it does this metrcs such as a:

  • A Global Reach Metric – an estimate of the % of NFT Twitter users who viewed a given profile in their feed in the last 7 days.
  • A Collection Reach Metric – an estimate of the % of NFT Twitter that has viewed a profile with an NFT from that collection as its PFP in the preceding 7 days.

For NFTs, Inspect places an Ethereum/Solana logo which, clicked, pops up info on traits, sales, rarity, etc. directly over your feed. This helps you to do everything from researching giveaways, uncovering new collections people are talking about, or even just being nosey to see how much an NFT last sold for.

🏘 For communities, Inspect lets you see all the individuals using NFTs from a collection as their profile picture, ranked by reach within the community. From this page you can directly follow the most influential players in the community or core members in the dev team.

What’s Next?

All service should shutter on Tuesday, January 17 along with a full refund over the pending weeks for “any recently onboarded collections that have yet to receive a full month of service”. The notice points our that No action will required and more details will be provided.

The closure might be mute onless someone buys it or other unforeseen events happen.

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