Torque Drift 2 NFT game assets to include free airdrops

Australian-based multiplatform video page studio, Grease Monkey Games has announced the whitelisting of TorqueDrift 2 is now open on its website.

Torque Drift 3 is the official racing game of Formula DRIFT in North America and Japan and the upcoming title in the next generation of motorsports games leveraging blockchain technology.

The Animoca Brands subsidiary was you to join the whitelist now to secure your opportunity to mint Premium Keychains and receive free airdrops of a Limited Edition Standard Keychain.

What the heck is Torque Drift 2?

Torque Drift 2 is the newest title for Grease Monkey Games which has a popular motorsport portfolio.

The Game leverages blockchain technology where fully functional and playable NFTs are at the very core of the title. Playable NFTs offer true digital ownership of game assets to players, including play-to-earn and trading of items on the secondary marketplace.

Players of Torque Drift 2 will be able to own, trade, and earn official Formula DRIFT NFTs.

Users who join the whitelist will be airdropped a free, limited-edition Standard Keychain NFT on 14 July (PST).

Keychains in Torque Drift 2 serve as record holders of a player’s in-game achievements, similar to the trophy system in some other games. The Standard Keychain NFT will have the logo of the smirking Grease Monkey, a design that will be made available only during this whitelist period. This utility NFT can hold 8 ornaments (up to 16 with purchasable in-game keychain extender) and will be shown on player’s profile customisation options. Keychains can also be spotted in a player’s garage, on their race suit belt during matchmaking, and in their car’s ignition during driving.

Standard Keychain NFT owners have the opportunity to mint Premium Keychain NFTs that will unlock further benefits, including a complimentary bobblehead NFT to be airdropped in August, unique in-game player titles, paint jobs and decals, access to member-only sales, and an exclusive VIP discord channel. 

While Standard Keychain NFT will be airdropped to all whitelisted members, Premium Keychain NFTs are limited in quantity, making this the most exclusive Torque Drift 2 NFT asset to date. The exact quantity and pricing of the Premium Keychain will be announced at a later stage, along with other exciting news for Torque Drift 2.

To join the whitelist, please visit The whitelist will close on 7 July 2022 at 7 p.m. (PST).

Grease Monkey Games is preparing continuous releases of interactive experiences for Torque Drift 2, including a tuning garage coming in Q3 2022, with the full release of the game expected in 2024. 

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