Swords of Blood x Flame

SAN FRANCISCO, California – July 28, 2022 – First AAA-quality fast-paced hack and slash RPG in the blockchain Swords of Blood is coming to Flame, a growing Web3 games store and marketplace currently in beta. Ryu Games announced the new distribution partnership with HitBox Games on the heels of announcing several other partnerships for its Flame platform with top chain gaming developers, Ulti Arena, Mirai Labs and Steem Monsters. Starting today, early access players can download Swords of Blood through the Flame platform, which offers a seamless onboarding and playing experience for Web3 games.
Ross Krasner, CEO of Ryu Games, said: “Building player trust in Web3 gaming is critical, and to achieve this, we need an infrastructure that is frictionless, connected and consistent. Flame is our answer to building that player trust with a multi-chain wallet, store and launcher of PC games that users onboard through a simple social login. We’re now building scale with key partnerships like HitBox Games and we’re excited to be helping bring the widely popular Swords of Blood game to millions of players interested in Web3 games worldwide.”
Mariusz Szynalik, Game Development Director at HitBox Games, said: “There’s a tremendous amount of untapped potential for Web3 games in the market today, and in part due to player access, friction with wallets and more. Flame is helping us reach audiences with a better onboarding experience, and we’re thrilled to be bringing Swords of Blood to the platform today.”
Flame continues to add highly popular Web3 titles to its platform, most recently, with the additions of Ultimate Battle Arena, Minionverse, Splinterlands and Pegaxy.
For more information about Ryu Games and Flame, please join the beta waitlist and join the Flame channels on Telegram and Discord.

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