Sony Crowdfunds New Off-Ear Headphones on Indiegogo

Sony has surprisingly launched a crowdfunding campaign for its new Off-Ear headphones.

It is a new novel headphone style where the position of the headphone speakers is right near the ear but not within the ear canal.

That’s right, The headphones are designed to deliver a comfortable experience for runners.
Its large-diameter 16 mm sound driver, designed by Sony’s skill engineers promises to provide a natural, immersive audio experience.

These Off-Ear Headphones are also said to deliver comfort and stability while running, and the IPX4 water resistance rating. This protection is however limited ” against water splashing from any angle when the cap of USB-C connector is closed properly.” This also means the user need not be concerned with damage from sweat or rain.

Users can make convenient hands-free calls using Bluetooth® and can expect a long battery life of up to 10 hours, depending on your environmental conditions.

Due to the headphones’ unique off-ear style, runners can easily hear their surroundings for safety purposes yet not the body-conducted sound of their own footsteps.

Its lightweight, flexible back headband avoids misalignment or wearability issues common with some headphones types. Illustrated by the video below:

The crowdfunding campaign will run throughout the entire month of November 2021 on Indiegogo.

This allows the product to generate interest in the product and helps the designers to receive valuable feedback and input on the product’s design.

Depending on your crowdfunding pledge, the headphones will cost :

  • $77 for the first 300 customers
  • $103 for the next 300 customers
  • $129 for those purchasing units after the initial 600 units are sold.

The U.S. Dollar amount may vary, depending on the current Japanese Yen to U.S. Dollar exchange rate.

The product will ship with a bundle inclusive of the Off-Ear Headphones, a USB-C® charging cable, and a carrying pouch. The headphones also carry one year warranty.

If Sony’s Off-Ear headphones meet their funding goals, they will be available in the US and Japan from August 2022.

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