Paidia Online Gaming Portal Launches In Beta

Paidia, An inclusive online gaming community for empowering women and gender allies has announced its platform is now in beta.

Anyone can now create an account at by first taking the “Paidia Pledge,” which denounces online harassment or abuse of any kind, and become a subscribed member or sign up for a free 60-day trial to explore the expansive proprietary gaming portal.

The word Paidia derives from the Greek goddess of play and amusement, and embodies the spontaneous manifestations of instinctual play, present in children. Fast forward to 2021, Paidia has transformed into the leading portal that enables gamers to engage with friends, family and leading public figures, consume content, compete in tournaments and earn rewards all in one place. Additionally, members can expect:

  • An impressive library of games for Paidia users to host and play tournaments – all skill levels welcome. 
  • A variety of original content and media experiences including: On-demand classes taught by industry leaders, written editorial, a podcast and audio books – all created to help gamers discover and advance respective interests and expertise.  
  • Accessibility to new and affordable technology through exclusive Paidia partner collaborations, such as select Razer Customs gear and Xbox Game Pass for PC.
  • A monthly subscription to Paidia costs $9.99 / month (USD). Members will have unlimited access to the Paidia platform including all tournaments, media experiences, the ability to create, comment on, and share content, chat with other members, exclusive access to merchandise, the ability to earn rewards for redemption and exclusive access to partner perks. Non-paying members will be granted a free 60-day trial and be able to view select media experiences, purchase Paidia merchandise and play in select tournaments. Sign up now at
Alex Quake
Alex Quake
BITVoxy's Gaming Editor and Simulations Games fan.

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