No Body Canna Cross It Reaches 1 Million Viewers

After weeks of watching one of Jamaica’s best viral videos we can solidly now declare and approve it as viral, as its recent reach of the 1 million mark viewing has showed approval and the growth still goes on. The popularity has sprung its creators and the main attraction into fame giving Clifton aka Cliftwang the main attraction many interviews across the media landscape. DJ Powa has even made it intentional to make a marketable profit from it by creating several shirts with it catchy phrase as “Canna Cross It” and “The Bus Can Swim”.
One can even go back to one of the previous DJ Powa videos title “D People dem dat are deading” and see stark difference in traffic as the lyrical mixture had hit quite a buzz to cause this intention result of reaching 1 million views on youtube, a mark many youtube users wish their videos could reach and a joining of the few channels that do this.
Take a look at the Video again.

No one could imagine that a simple news report could turn Cliftwang into a star but here we are with Cliftwangs video reaching into the view of millions making him a star. He is now using the opportunity to gain a profit from the endorsement of the video as many await the recordings to come as he enters the filed of entertainment.
We also like to congratulate them on making this video and hope he next videos will gain traction.
And remember “The Bus Can Swim” so leave a comment below or you will go to “Saint Thamas pon”.
Written By: Lance Cameron
Chief Contributor/Editor-N-Chief of YJ!Blog and Founder, Chairman, President/CEO and Sole owner/employee of Yahja Caribbean Online Company Ltd.
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Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
Lance is the Publisher and Chief Editor at BITVoxy. He writes about business, digital culture, crypto, gaming, tech, entertainment, and more. He considers himself a Digital Explorer and News Junkie.


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