KuCoin Introduces One-stop Exchange Solution KuCloud

The Popular cryptocurrency trading platform, Kucoin is a new one-stop cryptocurrency trading solution branded a Kucloud.

Kucloud partners will be given the ability to set up their very own cryptocurrency exchange in as little as 72 hours. The solution allows access to features such as spot trading, margin trading, staking, fiat gateway to up to 150x leverage futures trading in their local markets.

Not to mention access to the same highly scalable solution which Kucoin uses.

The platform offers two products, XCoin and XMEX which leverages the key functionalities of KuCoin Spot platform and KuMEX Futures platform.

Both services backed by its “world-class architecture, risk-management system, high market depth & liquidity, all-around customer support and more”.

Where is this idea coming from?

“The idea of KuCloud started in 2018 as a concept called ‘subnets’, with which we intended to give our exchange a powerful advantage when expanding into new markets since each new exchange can act as a separate entity,” said Johnny Lyu, co-founder of KuCoin. “Now we go one step further and upgrade the ‘subnets’ to KuCloud, eliminating the difficulties and hassle of opening a crypto exchange, allowing all our partners to build crypto-related platforms with us to contribute to the liquidity and mass adoption of crypto.”

To celebrate the Introduction, Kucoin is now offering an early bird privilege of zero-cost to launch a crypto exchange.

So if you are looking to start a cryptocurrency exchange and like to take advantage of the million-dollars savings in R&D being provided by this platform and not to mention fuel your success, Kucloud is the solution.

Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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