JLP 89th Annual Conference: On Point

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Is The JLP ready for another election? In all accounts based on Yesterdays 69th annual conference… Possibly.

Unlike previously lavished conference held at the Arena  this year the conference’s scaled down to an admitted effort of focus on rebuilding the party based on the lost from the last elections by inspiring the delegates of the Jamaica Labour Party one would say they are ready.

Andrew Holiness, The Affirmed Leader of the party Affirmed the parties standing as a social and economic party which mission is to serve the national interest of Jamaica.

The conference will be held under the theme, “Vision, Focus, Build, Connect”.

Thought not a matter of Proud retention, a member of the party, Mr Warmington made an injunction which was later pulled against the deputy-leaders of the party saying they nomination was unconstitutionally.

“IT’S MY generation now! We must stand up and take charge of our country. I am sick and tired of them! They must go!” declared an uncharacteristically impassioned leader of the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Andrew Holness as he addressed the party’s annual conference yesterday.

Among other local issues that were discussed were the Countries economics, International Monetary Fund (IMF), free health care, PATH and the Career Advancement Programme put in place for the country’s poor, foreign exchange market, the parties discord and others.

In conclusion The Party has made a great improvement in the marketing of themselves among others and we look forward the the improving developments ahead.

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Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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