Great news! “Flap Happy” has reached its goal on Kickstarter!

A fun pun-inducing 8-Bit Avian-themed Rogue-like Platformer developed for the Gameboy and Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) aptly titled Flap Happy has hit its $15,000 Kickstarter Goal. The news was announced via its Kickstarter page.

Flap Happy is centred on a chicken who once lived his best life but is now “awakened in a dungeon filled with fireballs, spikes, and all kinds of other dangerous horrors!”.

You, Flappy navigate over 900+ widely varying and difficult levels, including enemies such as Flambe, Bobo & Co, Snikitties, Clutulons and Spikes. 

The game has hit its goal of $15K with $15,166 at the time of writing from over 185 backers with only 25 days to go.

A description of the game from its Kickstarter Listing 

Flap your wings off in the world’s first 8-Bit Avian Roguelike Platformer! Take on the challenge of defying gravity, avoiding menacing sharks, and conquering hazardous landscapes as you flap your way through each level. With procedural randomization, every flap introduces you to a new, unpredictable adventure!

Your ultimate goal is to guide Flappy through the mysterious and dangerous mazes and land on all of the five platforms to activate the exit platform. A successful landing on each of these platforms grants you bonus points, as well as a speed bonus for completing each level.

However, the road to your escape is paved with dangers. Try not to hit the spikes and enemies randomly placed around each level. Hitting them will cost Flappy his life!

What are the features? The game is chocked with over 900 levels of challenges navigating its dungeons and varying worlds. You get to dodge the unique enemies and thus earn bragging rights to being a legendary Flap Happy player.

You can test a feel of the game via the official Flap Happy Demo.

The game is the creation of Ryan Carson and his team from Refresh Games. Ryan is a Father of two, a Retro Game developer by night and a web developer by day. 

Refresh Games includes Mina Figueroa on Marketing, Producer Gracey Maala and Graphics Designer – Kamille Navarro.

Ryan has teamed up with Mega Cat Studios who have a great track record for manufacturing cartridges for retro console games such as Little MedusaRenfield: Bring Your Own BloodWrestleQuestCoffee Crisis, and The Meating.

Refresh Games has even partnered with Rent The Chicken, a local multinational company that provides both a chicken hatching and chicken rental experience from the comfort of your own backyard.

Pledges range from The Hatchling‘s $1 who receives a thank your from the team up to the accurately titled ‘King Of The Flock‘ who gets:

  1. The Digital Bundle 
  2. Gameboy CIB
  3. NES CIB
  4. Name in Credits
  5. Keychain (MCS)
  6. Flap Happy Diorama
  7. Limited Edition NES CIB
  8. Postcard
  9. Golden Egg
  10. Flap Happy Pin
  11. Stickers
  12. Wooden Cart
  13. NCS Pin
  14. Poster

They get all this for $500 and include 4 backers at the time of writing.

Flap Happy Kickstarter Trailer

Want a chance to win an exclusive prototype copy of the game? Check out Flap Happ’s Gleam contest link here for fans.

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