Fiverr Introduces Fiverr Workspace

A Back Office Tool for managing your business

Fiverr has announced it’s changing how the world works together via the launch of Fiverr Workspace.

This is effectively the integration and rebranding of AND.CO, a freelancer’s business support platform that Fiverr acquired back in 2018.

Fiverr Workspace’s Homepage

Fiverr Workspace is a set of back-office tools for freelancers and small business owners to manage their Business.

Workspace brings valuable tools designed to help small businesses and freelancers with payments and taxes. This brings powerful business management capabilities to the Fiverr marketplace within a more flexible and user-friendly user interface.

With the Rebrand and integration comes the full integration of new tools and processes Upcoming Features such as:

  • New payment options – new options will enable users to work on a retainer, with invoices generated and sent automatically at predefined intervals. New personalization options also means that documents are always on-brand.
  • Automated tax day preparations – new and advanced business reports and automated tax prep that dig deeper than before. The system also provides easy access to top financial consultants on Fiverr who can help with accounting and tax needs.
  • Improved UX design – from team logins and upgraded mobile apps to deeper connections with Fiverr and beyond, new options will be added to adapt Workspace to businesses’ unique needs and functions

 “By integrating the best-in-class features from AND.CO with the Fiverr platform, we are creating an all-in-one solution not only for freelancers working on and off of Fiverr, but also for small business owners who are looking for support in managing the back-end of their business.”

said Yonat Burlin, Director of Business Management for Workspace

Fiverr Workspace is available in a freemium and unlimited version. customers can pay between $24 per month or $216 for an annual subscription which gives you the unlimited version.

To celebrate the launch of Fiverr Workspace, Fiverr is offering all Workspace users a 10% coupon for their next order on the Fiverr MarketplaceUse code WELCOME2FIVERR at checkout.

Limiting the freemium model to one client might not be great for some existing users of the platform who manage more than one client via the free tier.

Personally, though, this is a great tool for small businesses and freelancers willing to pay for the Unlimited tier or who use Fiverr’s Marketplace.

Check out Fiverr Workspace at:

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