Columbus Communications Rebrands Flows Logo

Columbus Communications, the retail and wholesale telecommunications company in the Caribbean and Latin America, has made a press release announcing that they will be presenting a new logo to all its Operations in the Caribbean ( Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica , Grenada and Curacao) with one unified logo, a Branding strategy which is quite common as is present with Digicel Group and LIME.
According to Brendan Paddick, CEO of Columbus Communications, in an address to all employees: “In six short years, we have not only managed to change the technology landscape of each country through our products and services, but we have also equipped people with the ability to transform their lives. This change is an acknowledgement that we are a larger, more relevant player now, and that we have a new chapter in our story to tell. Now is the time for consumers to know the true scope, scale and reach of our brand.”
Spearheading the exercise Rhea Yaw Ching, corporate vice president, sales and marketing will unveiled the new brand mission: “Enable people to transform their lives by providing them with leading communications technologies and services that inspire them to achieve.”
Since Columbus’s entry into the Caribbean in 2005 under the brand Flow, the company has been actively constructing and deploying its digital network, the infrastructure that provides its superior video service, unmatched broadband and affordable telephone service. Trinidad will be 100% converted in just one year, Jamaica, a country of almost 2.7 million people has surpassed the 50% mark of homes constructed, and recent acquisitions: Grenada in 2008 is 80% rebuilt, and Curaçao in 2010 is already 30% complete. The company promises continued investment in the region.
Writers Views
The writer believes this will be a proper move seen that a unified brand across the region presents better management of regional marketing efforts and it is only left up to The Jamaican operations which has presented the brand in a great light to present this new Logo to us effectively.
38348_columbuscommunications Columbus Communications Inc.

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