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It seems Caribbean online classifieds seen has caught on with high competition from source like Carawaks. Claja, Sense Jamaica, Jamaica Gleaner and many other we simply might not even recognize in the clutter.
Flag of the Caribbean Community and Common MarketImage via WikipediaMany are cluttered with various posts for various items ranging from Job Vacancy, real estate, automotive, marine, services, vacation planing, animals and pets, signs and post and many other services.
The common question however is which one of these service stand out from the rest?
Hard to be answered when each are aimed a varied niche’s in the Caribbean.
Lets compare
Carawaks aims to be “Carawaks is a business geared to providing people from the Caribbean with on-demand access to the Caribbean marketplace. With the onset of the CSME, many small to medium sized businesses can utilize the resources set aside by Carawaks to market and sell their products to individuals throughout the Caribbean region. The World Wide Web has helped thousands of businesses grow beyond the borders of their home country to reach out to customers in far off, previously inaccessible, markets. We aim to widen the customer base of your company through the dissemination of information throughout the Caribbean region to increase revenue and drive sales by means of tapping into the global market economy through the means provided to us by our governments in the CSME agreement.”.
WOW! Thats a great vision when the CSME is on the rise and the tantamount-ed possibilities arise yet is a Caribbean region likely to use this or even get convinced by this aim and use the service… only need and time will provide an answer.

Others like Claja present the possibility of marketing direct to a Jamaican market of national interest and giving the searcher less intrusion by advertising while providing classified posters with the usability of affordable ad posting that is free if it concerns 30 days.

Many even having a social media into the thousands on Twitter and Facebook its no doubt that this is a whole competitive field in it of it self. One Example of a high Social Media presence and even interaction is Carawaks, which has 1,759 fans on Facebook and Claja which gives prizes of value to its Facebook fans.
Criaglist might be the king but nothing is more interesting than watching these Caribbean classifieds compete and time will tell who prevails and who doesn’t.
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