Bob Marley: Legacy Documentary Series Continues With Episode Three: Righteousness, Out Today

Episode three of Bob Marley’s esteemed Legacy mini-documentary series was revealed today. Righteousness offers a unique glimpse and insight into Jamaican culture and delves into the roots and relationships between spirituality, religion, nature, and Rastafarianism. Exploring the impact Bob had on Jamaican culture, while celebrating the influences and inspirations behind his message and music, Righteousness is available on Bob Marley’s Official YouTube Channel

The new episode of the Bob Marley: Legacy mini-documentary series is now out on the Official Bob Marley YouTube channel. The documentary, Righteousness provides viewers with a unique look into the Jamaican culture via delving into the roots and relationships.

Righteousness gives a close look at Spirituality, religion, nature and Rastafarianism. These elements play a crucial part of not only Bob Marleys Life but the impact on Jamaican culture. The documentary celebrates the influences and inspiration behind his message and music.

In other news, 4/20 was celebrated last week with KAYA Radio and Bob Marley fans across the world, urged to #STAYHOME and enjoy a special and exclusive 24-hour livestream on YouTube. The livestream featured songs and videos from his most iconic albums and newly released LEGACY series.

The documentary is apart of Bob Marley’s 75th-anniversary celebrations. The Righteousness mini-doc is available on Bob Marley’s Official YouTube Channel HERE.

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