BLUETTI Powers Up Mom’s Day with Innovative Portable Power Solutions

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? BLUETTI has got you covered. Get ready for our much-awaited promotion this 2024, which begins on May 10th and runs until May 22nd. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your appreciation for the most important woman in your life by giving her the gift of clean energy through our exceptional products.

BLUETTI offers a range of portable power stations and solutions which are a great aid to camping adventures, road trips, or backyard barbecues, just to name but a few.

What is the deal?

Family Camp Out with AC70: Picture this: a cozy campsite, crackling fire, and quality family time. The AC70, now priced at an unbeatable $449 (originally $699), powers up the scene with its 768Wh capacity and 1,000W output. With 7 outlets, it keeps lights, phones, projectors, and everything charged for memorable nights under the stars.

Get on the Water with AC60 and AC240: Whether it’s kayaking, yachting, or beachside parties, the AC60 and AC240 are Mom’s go-to companions. Both boast IP65 ratings, ensuring dustproof and water-resistant protection against splashes or sand that might disrupt functionality. The AC60 packs 403Wh power and only weighs 20.06lbs (9.1kg), easy to carry around to power small devices within 600W power range. It now has the best price of $549, a great drop from $699.

The AC240 features even more power with 1,536Wh and a 2,400W output. It charges rapidly via both wall plug and solar panels, refueling in just 2 hours with a 1,200W solar input. Grab the AC240+PV200D combo for only $1,798 (originally $2,398) and enjoy limitless solar energy even in challenging conditions.

BLUETTI Portable Power Stations Over 2kWh: Enhance Road Trips and Weekend Getaways

– Embark on Adventures with AC200MAX: This reliable power source is perfect for Mom’s road trips or van life. With a 2,200W output, a 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery, and 16 versatile outlets, including a NEMA TT-30, it charges everything in the motorhome and rig along the way.

– Plan a Picnic with AC200P: Load up the car and head for a picnic with the powerhouse. Featuring a 2,000Wh capacity and 2,000W output, it keeps the party going with ample power for grills, speakers, and more.

– Go Weekend Getaway with AC200L: Escape the hustle with this 2,400W power beast, offering faster charging (up to 2,400W AC; 1,200W solar). It seamlessly integrates into off-grid power systems in cabins, RVs, or vessels via a D40 DC-DC charger, providing clean energy for self-sufficiency.

– Help with Household Projects with AC300/AC500+B300:
 Simplify Mom’s home improvement tasks with BLUETTI’s modular power bundles. The AC300 (3,000W) and AC500 (5,000W) support flexible capacity in 3,072Wh increments with the B300 expansion battery.

The AC300+B300 combo and AC500+B300 combo  are customizable power solutions for any type of home, providing reliable power where mom needs it, from gardening and lawn mowing to protecting the home from power outages.

Enhance Backyard BBQs or Home Theater Evenings with EP500Pro: Transform Mom’s backyard into an entertainment hub with the EP500Pro. Its all-in-one construction and four-wheel mobility enable it to deliver 3,000W of quiet and clean power seamlessly from the living room to the backyard.

Make Mom’s Day Unforgettable with BLUETTI
Alongside its outstanding product offers, BLUETTI is adding extra excitement for Mother’s Day shoppers. For orders surpassing a certain threshold, customers can win exclusive prizes like refrigerator magnets, sticker packs, hoodies, and handheld vacuums. This Mother’s Day, gift Mom the power and convenience of BLUETTI’s portable solutions, making today and every day a memorable one.

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