Bittrex Global Now Accepts Mastercard to Fund Accounts

Popular Digital Asset Exchange, Bittrex Global has announced that it Now accepts Mastercard as a source to fund user accounts. This option compliments Bittrex Globals existing funding options which include Visa, debit cards and USD wire transfers.

The platform will make this funding option available to its users in 36 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America for a subjective 3 per cent processing fee.

Depending on the origin country of where the deposit is made from, daily and weekly funding limits will vary between $2,500-$10,000 US/EUR and monthly limits between $7,500 – $50,000 USD/EUR.

To fund an account using a Mastercard, the user must choose to make a credit card deposit to their holdings, select the desired amount, and input their Mastercard details. Some payment transactions may require additional authentication via the 3DSecure security protocol.

The verification will be bank specific and the funds will be credited to the user’s wallet after the transaction has been processed and approved.

The company hopes the introduction of Mastercard as a payment option will go a far way in “increasing adoption and accessibility to distributed ledger technology”.

Bitrrex Global continues to expand its international operations of its US-based company from its headquarters in Liechtenstein. The companies CEO, Bill Shihara has previously stated that the company is focused on doing the right thing by customers with security as a top priority.

Mastercard is widely accepted globally and hence it should come as no surprise that the platform added it as a funding source.

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Lance Cameron
Lance Cameron
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