The Barita Foundation is currently accepting applications for its scholarships. The application deadline is set for Friday, July 12, 2024.

The Barita Foundation Scholarships are being offered again this year.

If you or someone you know is interested, be sure to apply before the closing date. This is a great opportunity for individuals seeking financial assistance for their education.

Rita Humphries-Lewin Early Childhood Education Scholarship

For those pursuing early childhood studies. Valued at up to $400,000.  Apply Here.

Calling all early childhood enthusiasts! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity valued at up to $400,000. Apply now to seize the chance!

Cornerstone/Barita CSEC/CAPE Scholarship

For applicants sitting the 2024/2025 CXC examinations. Valued at up to $100,000 Apply Here

Cornerstone/Barita Primary Exit Profile (PEP) Scholarship

For children of Barita/Cornerstone clients and staff in grade six who will sit the 2023/2024 PEP examinations. Valued at up to $100,000. Apply Here

Cornerstone/Barita Tertiary Scholarship

For children/clients of Barita/Cornerstone pursuing a first degree during the 2024/2025 academic year. Valued at up to $350,000. Apply Here

If you have any questions then reach out to the Barita Foundation at [email protected].


The Barita Foundation is a foundation aimed at youth development and initially began to take shape shortly after the Friends of St. Martin de Porres started an intervention program at the St. Martin de Porres Primary School in Gordon Town.

The Barita Education Foundation assumed responsibility for the program in 2004, it built its platforms on the same ideals: young people deserved every opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

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