ARC Sync 1.40.0 Goes Global with Latest Update

The Browser company‘s latest release for its Arc Web Browser is inclusive of Arc Sync, its tap syncing feature between the iOS Arc Search App and Mac/Windows.

What’s new?

  • Arc Search now syncs your spaces and tabs across desktop and mobile, Windows and Mac. On your iPhone just go to Settings > Sync with Arc Desktop and log in with your Arc account details.
  • You can give your home screen an update with one of our new Custom App Icons! To activate, select App Settings > App Icon and select a new icon for use.
  • Browse for Me pages now include the option to share feedback about the results. Help us improve your answers! Tap the thumbs up or thumbs down to “Did Arc answer your question?” to let us know if your results were helpful.
  • We’ve improved our loading indicator! You’ll notice a more vibrant, glowing line and a new pull-to-refresh experience. Loading will also now appear in the Tab Controls view.

The release notes inform us that the development of the Arc Android app is still in development and there should be an update sometime soon about its release.

Set up Arc Sync across iOS, Windows, and Mac

Did you know that the Arc web Browser rolls out a fresh release every Thursday? It’s true! Keep your eyes peeled for the latest updates and features.

1.40.0 Release video

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