Apple Gangnam is South Korea’s Newest Apple Store

Apple has announced that the Gangnam District of South Korea will be the location of its new apple store.

Apple has five apple stores in south Korea beginning with the opening of its first store, Apple Garosugil in 2018 Apple.

The Gangnam district is a “historically rich and fast-moving neighborhood of Gangnam in Seoul”.

Apple Gangnam features a “uniquely designed double-height façade with a completely new gradient frit and mirrored coating treatment that blurs the transition from top to bottom and shifts in appearance during different times of day or seasons.”

All the Materials for the Apple Store were sourced from the region, this includes the tables, wood feature wall, logo, façade glass, stone walls, and flooring. Like all Apple facilities, Apple Gangnam and Apple’s operations in South Korea run on 100 percent renewable energy and are carbon neutral.

Apple Stores are usually known for being spaces where customers can discover Apple’s extensive lineup of products and services. Apple Stores also include “exceptional support from highly knowledgeable team members, and participate in free Today at Apple sessions to learn how to get the most out of their products”.

Opening for the first time this Friday, March 31st, 2023 at 5 PM local time, Apple Gangnam will host a team of over 150 skilled retail members who speak more than a dozen languages.

The team will help users explore and get hands-on with the latest apple products such as Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup.

Services offered by Apple Gangnam will include retail services, including the Apple Trade-In program, monthly financing options, and Apple Pay, recently launched in South Korea.

Apple Gangnam will also host Today at Apple, offering a more personalized customer experience in a roundtable setting.

The session allows attendees to discover and learn about varying elements of the Apple ecosystem. Such as joining Apple Creatives for sessions focussed on GararageBand and Spatial Audio.

For designers, photographers, musicians, or even first-time Apple customers, Apple Gangnam has a diverse offering of Today at Apple sessions such as:

  • Skills: Getting Started with Mac.
  • Music Skills: Getting Started with GarageBand.
  • Art Skills: Sketching Ideas in Notes.
  • Photo Lab: Directing the Portrait.

Participants can register for a Today at Apple session at

On April 1, Music fans will also be able to experience the magic of Spatial Audio in a limited-time Pop-Up Studio from none other than the K-Pop group, NewJeans, from ADOR. learn more

Apple Gangnam’s grand opening is by reservation only. Registration starts on March 29 at 8 a.m.  

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