A Pretty Odd Bunny Coming Soon to PCs and Consoles

2Awesome Studio (2AS) has announced the launch of their upcoming stealth platformer game, A Pretty Odd Bunny.

The game will be available on Steam, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for its retail price of US$4.99.

A Bad Bunny will first arrive on the PlayStation (November 9th), Xbox (November 10th), Steam (November 11th) and finally to the Nintendo Switch (November 12th) gaming consoles.

The game will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow (November 5th) on both Xbox and Nintendo Switch with a 10% per cent off discounted price.

A Pretty Odd Bunny is a stealth platformer about a rabbit who likes eating pigs. You play as a red-eyed rabbit and help him reach the pig at the end of every level. But don’t let your fellow bunnies see you. They will do everything they can to stop you.

Walk, run and jump into a colourful but dangerous world full of beautiful graphics and smooth animations. Created frame by frame with love and passion.

Key features:

  • 80 levels in 4 unique worlds
  • Unlock extra challenges with cute characters
  • Beautiful graphics and smooth animations
  • Stealth oriented gameplay 
  • Precise controls that will help you achieve your goal: eating all the pigs!

The games were developed and published by 2Awesome Studio, A Netherlands based independent game development and indie publisher. 2Awesome games hold a mission to ” add awesomeness to reality by developing video games with new and addictive mechanics and finding games that are equally awesome to publish”.

They have Developed and/or Published games such as Horned Knight (Steam, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Xbox), Dimension Drive (Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Linux), Back To Bed (Nintendo Switch), Rainswept(Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4), Bug Butcher (Nintendo Switch) and Lost Wing (Nintendo Switch, Steam, PS4 and Xbox).

A Pretty Odd Bunny will be available for Steam, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

A Pretty Odd Bunny
A Pretty Odd Bunny
Developer: AJ Ordaz Games
Price: $ 0.99
Alex Quake
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