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YjBeat Goat Island SolutionsThis Goat Island Fiasco has seen a war taking place between Government Ministers (yes Civil Servants excluded) and Environmentalist due to the areas valuable contribution to our natural resources. A Screenshot of the area will give great reasons to why the Chinese have taken such a great interest in the area. The area not only has towns or a power station, which could power the Hub if possible but a great Harbor.

So YJBeat Put its head to the thinking board and came up with the following suggestions.

holms bay

The Solutions are :

Solution 1: Use Clarendon

Its Simple, Former Minister of Transport, Mike Henry has long advocated for the location to be in this area and its a great solution to the current environmental issues that face us when looking at the goat islands. We Did find a couple issues in concern to this area being that there is actually a Gun club and communities currently there.

These issues however can be address by just extending the land out into the sea. There would also be the issue of Roads to the area but that doesn’t have to be a major issue since its an investment. The issue of loss of prestige in not building on goat island can also be address here since its so close  to old harbour and still count as a major investment in the areas development.

Solution 2: Give Them A Goat Island

Ok, Don’t get me wrong but if you dump the area called Colmans bay (attaching the Great Goat Islands to Land) then you could have them operate and have the desired area of land they want to operate and not risk some of the ludicrous ideas of annexation that are going around.

This Solution would also include the proposition that the little goat Island and the Important Forest  between it remain intact and be initialized as the Little Goat Island National Park. They would NOT get the Little Goat Islands with this plan and hence keep the environmentalist at bay. There Could even be the development of a small tourist attraction on the island which could add to the areas development agenda.

Solution 3: Abandon All Goat Island plans  and extend Fort Augustus

Yep! Its Clear that this solution is viable if all else fails since the already want to dump up the wonderful swamp lands that exist between the goat Islands then why not use that dirt and extend the Fort Augustus Land Promises and do what you want.

This does present the issue of No Development for the St Catherine and Clarendon area but this problem will be offset by the Availability of employment that will be offered.

These solutions might not look implementable in situations but they can be done without the much high outcry from environmentalist and the Environmental Organizations.

great goat islands and bay

So that is some of our solutions based on our careful analysis of the area, What are Your Solutions? Leave them in the comments of this post or use the #YJGoatIsland or #Goatlsland tags on Facebook and Twitter.

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Note: The word “Expansion” is Misspelled as “Enpansion” in the photo….lol, Sorry Readers about that error , it has been noted thanks to Readers/Lillymae.

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