20+ Best Free Stock Photo Websites

In A Search to find Free stock photos? An image is worth more than a thousand words.

You are in the right place, in this article we take a closer look at the web’s best Free Stock Photo and image platforms.

But first, What are free stock images and photos? free stock image websites allow you to use their images royalty-free for your social media, blog posts, etc.

These images sometimes require that you attribute the creator of the images, a reasonable requirement given nature of the content.

Are you a photographer and do you want to share your photos with people who need a photo for their blog, website, or other media? 

Why use Free Stock Images? Free stock images are usually used in the creation and improvement of websites, social media, and graphic editing. It’s a great way to improve the overall usability and readability of content.

What is a Creative Commons License? Creative Commons license is a copyright license which allows creators to share the copyright of their work with the public. There are varying types of CC liscense, some require the user to give credit/atribution to the creator of the work(Photo) while others require zero attribution. Some license even commercial usage and recreating/modifying the work. Learn More about Creative Commons Licenses.

What is Public Domain? These are Works or in this case Photos which are not owned or copyrighted by anyone. This can be done willingly by the creator of the work or via the expiration of copyright such as images published in the United States before 1923.


Picography has CC0 “gorgeous, high-resolution, free” photos you can use however and wherever you like, with no attribution required. 

Realistic Shots

This platform provides a lot of high-resolution photos for personal and commercial use. Every week 7 new photos are added to the collection.


Image Take from Skitter Photo

Skitter Photo is a large library of public domain photos. Each photo is free to use for any purpose and has its very own download counter which can come in handy to avoid using a commonly used image.

Little Visuals

This website’s collection is dedicated to the memory of Photographer, Nic Jackson. Nick tragically died back in November 2013, The family has ensured that all the images will remain available and free for commercial use.


It is pretty hard to find great stock photos with the proper racial variety which is where nappy comes along. Nappy is a free stock photo website with the goal of providing “Beautiful photos of Black and Brown people, for free”.

The Gender Spectrum Collection

Yet another dedicated to an underrepresented group you don’t usually find free stock photos for. Vice has compiled a collection of creative-commons licensed photos of gender-diverse and non-binary models for everyone to use.

CreateHER Stock

CreateHERStock Homepage

A manually curated collection of over 200 beautiful images of women of color that can be used for personal purposes only (see licensing). Subscribers to the CreateHer Stock Newsletter will receive new free images every month.


This website offers Free stock photos for websites and commercial use from photographer Jan Vašek. So if your project or website involves casinos, Technology, Sport, or Food to name a few, this is a great collection.


Focastock Homepage

A collection of great quality photos by Jeffrey Betts who specializes in nature and workspaces. All Photos are available under a creative commons CC0. The collection even goes beyond photos and includes videos and social templates(Story, Facebook Cover Photo, Facebook Photo Post, and Instagram Post).


Started by Christina and Stephanie, This is a Flickr album of photos of women of colour in tech. There are over 500 images within the album that no longer get updated with new entries. The images can be used as long as you attribute #WOCinTech Chat or

IM Free

This is not only a great resource for great free stock images but also a source of free icons and web templates.

Deposit Photos

Deposit Photos has a collection of over 69,439 free files inclusive of not just photos but also videos, editorials ad vector files.

Death to Stock

This a very unique in that it is an Artist Owned Co-op that provides you with the freshest authentic stock photos and videos via a Freemium Model. Their Free membership offers media (photos and videos) that is limited to email subscribers.

New Old Stock

Looking for free images from the yesteryears? New Old Stock offers free historical/vintage from public archives.


Love you some human-curated collection of images? Magdeleine offers just that with its perfectly organized free high-quality stock photos in categories such as nature, animals, people, and City and Architecture.


Morguefile Hoempage

The website has over 400,000 free stock photos for commercial usage and also offers a download counter for each image. Moreguefile was originally founded in 1996 by Michael Connors as a free image exchange for creative professionals and teachers to use in their work. The site has continued to offer its photos which have been contributed by a wide range of creatives from around the world, ranging from amateur photo hobbyists to professionals.

Negative Space

Your usual average free stock platform, Negative Space offers up some truly beautiful high-quality free stock images for personal and/or commercial usage. It might not be a large collection but you can surely find usable free images.

Styled Stock

Styled Stock is a “Feminine Stock Photography” collection that offers free stock photos of and related to women. The collection includes photo topics such as Fitness, Bath and Wellness, Graceful desktop setups, and food just to name a few.

ISO Republic

ICO Republic Homepage

ISO Republic offers high-resolution stock images and videos under a CC0 license. New images and videos are added to the collection every day.

Jay Mantri

This website posts a wide variety of images with which you are free to “do anything”. Every Thursday, 7 new images are added to the collection by photographer Jay Mantri. You can find images related to Urban Architecture and life, Nature, Tunnels, Waves, and Animals, just to name a few.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is yet another stream of free high-resolution stock photography. The work of the LEEROY Web Design Agency, Life of Pix features put the spotlight on its contributors via its “Photographer of the week”.


This Stock Library has a large collection of high-quality images royalty-free. Backed by Getty Images, the site make finding the right image for your project very easy.


Freestock Homepage

The name goes straight to the point, Freestocks offers a collection of free stock photos for both personal and commercial projects/usage. It is the work of three photographer friends who create stock images in their free time. The collection offers many illustrative stock photos in categories such as animals, city & architecture, food & drinks, nature, and objects and technology just to name a few.

Barn Images

Barn Images is yet another collection of free high-resolution images for everyone. You can find images of barns but it isn’t limited to farm life as the name would have you implying. You can find a cross selection of images related to nature, food, architecture, and city life just to name but a few.


FoodiesFeed gives you a focus on food-related images. The site offers mouthwatering images of various foods. Everything from Juicy Tomattos to moist Cakes…


Reshot Homepage

This site offers a collection of over 25,000 high-resolution photos readily available for download.


This is yet another Instant download private collection of free stock photosfree stock videoshigh-resolution images for personal and commercial use.

The Jopwell Collection

The Jopwell Collection was Launched by Jopwell, an inclusion and diversity company in 2017.

Looking for a collection that puts diversity at the forefront? The Jopwell collection is the perfect collection of royalty-free images that does just that, showcasing Black, Latin and Black, Latino/Hispanic, and Native American students and professionals.

It is quite hard to “be what you can’t see” hence Jopwell is a perfect collection of images to appease your Google search for “workplace stock photos” which undoubtedly yields a list of unsatisfying images.


Image Somali boy via rawpixel
A Somali boy jumps between two old fishing boats above Mogadishu’s fishing harbour near the fish market in the Somali capital, 16 March 2013. Credit: Rawpixel

Rawpixel contains over 1 million royalty-free images and even vector graphics, PSD mockups, templates, PNG elements, and design add-ons. The website holds a mission of “Changing the way people see stock photos.” through the use of creative designs and resources which reflect the real world and illuminates stereotypes.

The company that manages Rawpixel Is based in the UK and its creative hub of Bangkok, Thailand.


Another large collection of over 1 million high-quality free stock images and even videos. You can use Picwizards images without any attribution given their availability for commercial and non-commercial usage.

Vista Create (formerly Crello)

Vista Create is an online graphic design software much in the vein of Adobe Express and Canva.

To Compliment its Graphics design editor, Vista Create has a large library of royalty-free photos and images to either down and use to your choice or Use within your Vista Create a design.

Vista Create was previously known as Crella and was acquired by VistaPrint in October 2021 along with its parent company, stock photo repository Despositphotos — for a total price of $85 million. VistaPrint later renamed itself Vista and Crella to Vista Create.

Superfamous | Site Private

The images on this site are contributed by Superfamous Studio, a design agency led by Dutch designer Folkert Gorter.

The website seems to have gone private but you can find some of its images on its Newest Image list.

Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the world’s most popular Stock Image Library services and offers a collection of over 50 million editorial and creative images.

Embed from Getty Images

All Gettys images are available free for non-commercial usage on your website. There are Plugins and extensions for Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox and WordPress VIP. You can in fact search and embed images from Getty images in your posts thanks to its WordPress Plugin.

Getty Images
Getty Images
Developer: gettyImages
Price: Free

Adobe Stock Free Collection

Adobe is the king of creative tools hence it is no surprise that it not only has a collection of free stock images but vectors and videos.

The collection has a lot of high-quality images from varying categories such as business, food, logos, icons, shapes, backgrounds, patterns, animals, trees, family and nature just to name a few.

Dissolve Creators / Free videos and photos

dissolve creator homepage

Dissolve is another venue for both Premium and free stock footage and photography. It has a nice collection of free videos and photos from its creative community that you can download for free.

Whether there its images of nature, people, animals, food, landscape and more, Dissolve has you covered.

Roven Images / Download beautiful free images

roven images homepage

A part of the Roven Network of websites, Roven Images offers up some beautiful free images for your project. The platform image categories such as people, nature, architecture, abstract, food/drink, sports, education and weddings.

The Roven Network also has Roven Logos where you can download free logo templates and Roven Templates where you can both download and find WordPress/HTML themes/templates.

PicJumbo / Beautiful FREE stock photos

picjumbo homepage

Created in 2013 by designer & photographer Viktor Hanacek due to the constant rejection of his images to popular stock image sites.

PicJumbo is a free stock photo site that offers over 2.5 million high-resolution images to download and use on your projects, websites or blogs.

The site has categories such as business, summer, food, office, technology, transportation, roads, women, patterns & textures, fitness and holidays just to name a few.

Freepik / Free High-Quality Stock Photos

freepik photos search page

Freepik is one of the go-to graphics resources for vectors, illustrations, templates, fonts, mockups, backgrounds and text effects. Its Free photos are a large part of its popularity with over 18 million high-quality within its large collection of free stock photos.

Free Images / Find free stock images, ready for your projects

free images homepage

Launched in 2017, Freeimages is yet another high-quality collection of free stock images that contains over 400K images that are just perfect for your next project.

You can choose from popular categories such as People & Families, Industrial, Architecture, Science & Technology, Sports & Fitness and Signs & Symbols.

Free Range Stock / free photos. totally free.

free range stock homepage

Since 2007, Free Range Stock has offered a large collection of free stock images you can use for free, You just need to be a member of the website before you can download images.

Popular categories on Freerange stock include people, landscape, industry and Food.

Stockvault / Free stock images

free stock images screenshot

Starting in 2004, Stockvault has a vast library of free stock photos, textures and illustrations. The website has over 140,000 photos and growing within its collection from photographers, designers and students.

You can choose from popular categories such as Textures, Nature, Business, Flower, Abstract, Wallpapers, and Food, to name just a few.

Stock Snap / Beautiful Free Stock Photos

StockSnap free stock photos homepage

Think of a large collection of high-resolution and free stock images and Stock Snaps will come to mind.

Dedicated to making your creative project a success and updated very frequently, Stock Snap offers up a number of searchable images in categories such as Business, Beach, Love, Computer and Nature.


gratisography homepage

Created in 2011 by photographer and creative Ryan McGuire, Gratisography is a resource for free high-resolution photos you can use for personal and commercial projects completely free of charge and without attribution.

A collection with Humour and Emotions at its core, Gratisography houses 700+ photos and even offers vectors to complement a collection that has been used on popular sites such as Yahoo, HuffPost and


Kaboompics homepage

Kaboom Pics has got you in mind if you are looking for the perfect photo. The site offers up a small collection of high-quality images.

Shopify Burst / Free stock photos for websites and commercial use

Shopify Burst homepage

Shopify is a great e-commerce platform to start your own store, Shopify Burst is a resource of free high-quality stock images which are licensed under Creative Commons CC0.

The library is a collection of thousands of images by Shopify which have been taken in-house and designed for business niches. Images from the category of Business, Fashion, Men, Yoga, Coffee, and computer to name a few.

Pixabay / Stunning free images & royalty free stock

Pixabay Homepage

Created in, Pixabay is a free stock photography and royalty-free stock media website with a collection of over 2.6 million+ high-quality stock images, videos and music shared by its community of creators.

It has a large collection of high-quality images in categories such as background, wallpaper, nature, summer, beach, money, business, flowers, office, food, car, sky or even coronavirus to name a few.

Flickr / Find your Inspiration

Flickr Homepage

Launched in 2004 and having over “tens of billions” of photos, Flickr is not just an image hosting service previously owned by yahoo but now operated by SmugMug.

To find creative commons, modifiable and copyright-free material on Flickr, one has to simply enter your keyword and tweak the licence type from the search filter found under the search box.

Flickr License filter
The license filter

Google Advanced Image Search

Google is the mecca when it comes to finding things across the web hence the Google Image search engine is a great tool to find royalty-free images with the right filters. You just need to select the Filter to find open source and/or free-to-use images with just the right SERP personalization.

Just enter your keyword, select “tools” and then choose “Creative Commons Licenses” from the “usage rights” menu.

Google Image Search Usage Rights Filter tutorial
Google Image Search Usage Rights Filter tutorial


Openverse WordPress Page

Openverse is an open-source search engine for open content developed as part of the WordPress project. Openverse is the successor to CC Search which was launched by Creative Commons in 2019, after its migration to WordPress in 2021.

Openverse WordPress image upload options
It comes integrated into the WordPress CMS via the Media based blocks and upload.

The search engine has a repository of over 600 million items, That is images and Audio that you can use in you project. All items within the Openverse search engine are licensed under the Creative Comoons license or in the public domain.

Openverse’s ultimate goal is to have all 1.4 billion CC licensed and public domain works on the web index within its search engine. It also wants to add additionational media types such as books.

Canva / Discover photos

Canva Photos Hoempage

Canva does not only offer a great content creation tool but also offers up a library of over 1 million high quality stock photographs for free.

The only limitation is the fact that you can only use the photo within your canvas design. The feature is nonetheless a great one given the nature of canva and perfect if you already use the Canva design editor.

Pexels / the best free stock photos

Pexels Homepage

Pxels offers free stock photos from its millions of creators creators. The collection is not limited to royalty free images you can use in your project but also Videos.

Every week, Pexels adds 30 new images to its collection from its community of creators.

Pexels is even integrated into a variety of Apps via Apps and extensions. The platform has a Chrome Extension, Photoshop plugin, Figma Plugin, Adobe XD Plugin, Sketch Plugin, Google Slides Addon. To top it off, there is even an MS Office Add-in and WordPress extension.


Unsplash / the internet’s source of freely-usable images

Founded as a Tumblr blog back in 2013, Unsplash is a leader when it comes to finding beautiful free images from the worlds leading community of photographers.

The platform hosts a large collection of over 2 million free high-resolution images to choose from. The site features the very best submissions released under a free license.

There you have it, The web’s best Free Stock Photo website. What is your favorite free stock image website? Leave your feedback below or leave a suggestion if you think we missed an entry.

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